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Building a business you're passionate about truly is a gift. Building an online one that you can work on from home (or the beach, or anywhere!) is something most people only dream about. But thanks to SBI!, it really is possible.

When I was working in sales, booking holidays for people wanting to vacation in Montenegro, I could almost predict the questions that people would ask - they were always the same. 

I thought there must be somewhere I can send people where they can find out everything they want to know before they come out on holiday. But there wasn't! 

Yes, there are other sites about Montenegro, but none of them were written by native English speakers so are more frustrating than enjoyable to read through. They also fail to answer the most common questions that people were asking me before they came out.

That's when I decided to create my own website about Montenegro as a resource for holiday makers.

The problem was that I had no idea how to make a website. I knew that I could also make money from the website, but I had no idea how. Once I started looking into it, the new terminology that was being thrown about was completely overwhelming - pinging, SEO, keywords, keyword stuffing, webmasters, sitemaps, HTML - it basically looked like an impossibility to a novice like me!

Thank goodness I came across SBI!

The SBI! programme walked me through all the steps of not only building a website, but building a business. The information is always cutting edge, their support is amazing and everything is as easy as it can possibly be. So if checking Facebook is as 'techy' as you get (that was me in the beginning), you'll still be able to build your own website. SBI! walks you through the whole process from whoa to go. It couldn't have been easier. 

It's not just website building, it's actually business building. 

If you've ever wanted to own your own business, create a website for an existing business or build a website, I urge you to consider SBI! Every member has access to a forum of thousands of other members, so we have access to information and ideas from thousands of other successful business owners. The value is incredible. Every time I check the forum I get more ideas than I can actually implement.

Building Montenegro Pulse has given me an outlet to show people my Montenegro and more importantly help people who are coming to discover this wonderful country. Getting emails from people thanking me for creating the site, booking them an excursion or answering a question for them is a great feeling. 

And I get to write about something I'm truly passionate about!

In today's economy, people are feeling lucky to have a job and are always worried about being let go. Buying or building a traditional offline business is expensive, takes a long time to become profitable and is VERY risky - I know, we've done it! And we quickly realised we had become slaves to it.

Building an online business is so great because it's so cheap to set up, I can work on it whenever I want, from wherever I want and it offers ultimate flexibility - so I get to spend my days doing this -->
instead of sitting in boring meetings :-).

If you're sick of the 9-5, stress, demanding bosses, no job security, daycare and just trying to fit your life in around your job... try SBI! You won't regret it.

SBI! comes with a 90 day money back guarantee so you can try it risk free for 90 days and if you don't like you get your money back, no questions asked.

We've also experimented (and wasted a ton of money) with other courses and ways of building an online business, but they've all been disappointing. 

SBI! let's you get on with the business of building your business without wasting your precious time on learning SEO, coding and trying to integrate several systems (that you have to pay for individually) - it's all in one place! 

I can't tell you how much it's meant to us to be able to build this business and how easy it's been. I could never have done it without SBI! and I know it's only going to get better as I keep building.

Building a business you're passionate about truly is a gift. Building an online one that you can work on from home (or the beach, or anywhere!) is something most people only dream about. But thanks to SBI!, it really is possible.

Even if you think you don't have the time, resources, knowledge or niche - you'd be surprised and SBI! can help you find your perfect business. If you've ever thought to yourself 'I'd love to have my own business one day', click the pic below and check out SBI! today.


If you decide to build your own business with SBI! and click through our link above we'll receive a small commission. If you'd prefer that we don't that's fine, you can find Site Sell through your search engine. 

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