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Cafe Armonia is in the heart of Perast. If you know anything about Montenegro, you’ll know that Perast has got to be top of your list of must-dos. The tiny town is a UNESCO Heritage protected site and treasure trove of history. Perast used to rule the whole Bay of Kotor and the seafront is lined with one palace after another.

From Perast you can see the narrow straits of the Bay of Kotor and the two island churches in front  of the town. Back in the days of pirates and invaders, an iron chain would be lifted across the straits to stop invading ships.

These days Perast is a must-see destination in Montenegro. And it’s home to this restaurant where you can cool off and enjoy the atmosphere of this historic town.

Morning coffee perfection

The restaurant is a more casual spot than many other places in Perast. It’s the ideal place to grab a lunch or drink.

I love their courtyard that’s shaded and perfumed by Jasmine vines. You get the feeling you’re sitting in a Montenegrin back yard with your friends.

During the cooler seasons and at night you can enjoy the views from their waterside terrace. 

The terrace has magnificent views over the bay and islands. With passing boats and cruise ships, the view’s ever-changing.

Perast is ideal for getting close up views of cruise ships
The epitome of tranquility

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If you want to visit Perast - and we highly recommend you do - it’s dead easy to get here:

  • Catch a local bus to/from Kotor that runs through the town. 
  • Take the hop on hop off bus
  • Drive – there’s parking at each end of town because the town itself is pedestrian only

You can read more about Perast here.

Cafe Armonia Menu

Traditional barbecued fish with grilled veges - the perfect summer dinner
Octopus and the tastiest silverbeet you've ever had. Yes it's possible!

Their menu is a mix of traditional Montenegrin seafood and meat dishes. They arguably have the best value seafood dishes in Perast.

And they don’t skimp on quality or quantity.

The food is good quality and unpretentious.

Just tasty and served in the traditional Montenegrin fashion.

We Recommend

Whole local fish
Balkan sausages (cevapi)

We also recommend washing it down with a cold, local Niksicko beer, ‘Nik’ for short. 

Grilled calamari, done to perfection

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Special Events

The cafe can host special events for you too.

So if you have a special occasion, family get together or even a wedding, they’ll be happy to help you out. 

Opening Hours

8am - midnight daily.


Perast bb
85336 Perast


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