Montenegro Water Taxis and Boat Transfers

Montenegro water taxis. Get around the coast of Montenegro in the fastest, most stylish way!Montenegro water taxis - the fastest, most stylish way to get around the coast.

Is there anything bad about summer in Montenegro? 

With guaranteed beach weather every day, it's definitely not the weather.

There is just one thing and if you ask any local and they'll tell you... it's the traffic. 

Ok, maybe we're spoiled living without traffic jams for 10 months of the year and being able to get from one side of town to the other in less than 10 minutes. But when summer hits and traffic slows to a crawl, we go crazy!

That's why owning a boat here is more of a necessity than a luxury. A boat means you have an escape from the crowds on the beaches and a way to get from A to B while avoiding the notorious summer traffic. 

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Of course, when you're here on vacay, you can rent a boat for a few hours, a day or your whole holiday, but if you just want to be dropped off at a restaurant or get to your hotel quickly, you can can't beat a Montenegro water taxi. 

Here are some of the places you can go in a Montenegro water taxi:

  • Konoba Maestral - one of our favourite seaside restaurants. With a blood alcohol limit of 0 in Montenegro, taking a water taxi allows you to enjoy a glass or two of Montenegro's Plantaze wine or Maestral's own house red. 
  • Lustica Peninsula - skip the long drive along the peninsula's country roads and get a water taxi to drop you off in the morning and pick you up in the afternoon. This is especially good if you're staying in Herceg Novi, which is just across the bay from Lustica.
  • Airport transfer - skip the traffic around the bay and get a water taxi transfer to pick you up at Tivat airport and take you to your accommodation anywhere in the Bay of Kotor. And if you're flying in Dubrovnik, you can still get a water taxi. Get a transfer from Dubrovnik airport to Herceg Novi, just past the Montenegro-Croatia border and then get a water taxi from there. A water taxi can have you in Tivat in under 15 minutes, instead of the hour it usually takes. And if there's a queue at the Bay of Kotor ferry, this route can easily take two or more hours. Pick up your rental car in Tivat and you'll be off to a great start!

The other thing I love about taking a water taxi is the scenery. You'll get fabulous views of the hamlets dotting the coastline with the swathes of green hillside jutting up behind them. Every trip is part transfer and part scenic tour!

Montenegro Water Taxi Prices

Here's an idea of the most popular water taxi transfer prices. You can get a quote for a transfer to and from any destination by sending an enquiry using the form below. 

  • Herceg Novi - Zanjice: €60
  • Herceg Novi - Tivat Aiport: €75
  • Herceg Novi - Tivat centre: €75
  • Herceg Novi - Rose: €20
  • Herceg Novi - Perast: €90
  • Herceg Novi - Kotor: €135
  • Herceg Novi - Budva: €200
  • Waiting time: €30 per hour

These prices are for transfers for up to eight people in one boat and include fuel. 

Book A Montenegro Water taxi

To book a water taxi or get a quote for a trip, you can fill in the form below and I'll send it directly to my water taxi partners who'll send you a quote and help you make a booking. 

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