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Make the most of your trip to Montenegro with our free Montenegro vacation guide.

Pink pebble beaches, old-world charm and azure seas combine with rugged mountains, authentic experiences and adventure galore to create a unique destination that's dying to be discovered.

Welcome to Montenegro!

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The Benefits of Booking Your Own Vacation:

Even though you might not know much about Montenegro, you can book your own trip to this undiscovered gem. And there are many advantages to planning and booking an independent trip:

  • You're in control of your trip
  • You’re not limited by the accommodation options a travel agent has available to them
  • You're not steered into something that's not ideal because an agent or tour operator has to sell a certain number of nights in a particular place
  • Most agents barely know anything about Montenegro, much less have been here themselves. So they’re not the ideal people to be helping you book your trip. They also mark up ie. add arbitrary commissions for themselves to your booking so you’re paying a premium price
  • Many of the best places to stay (like apartments and villas, which are great for families and groups) aren't available through agents
  • You can save money with online specials and discounts for booking directly

Take all the guesswork out of booking your vacation and book with confidence.

This guide includes:

  • Step by step process to book a dream vacation in Montenegro
  • What to pack
  • How to get around
  • How to pay
  • Emergency numbers
  • General travel tips
  • Printable shopping list with Montenegrin translations for all the most common foods you'll want to buy
  • Bonus emails with more tips

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help the stray animals of Montenegro

Book your accommodation anywhere in the world through any of the search boxes on our site and we'll make a donation towards sterilising stray animals in Montenegro. 

It costs you nothing, and you get the biggest selection and lowest prices guaranteed. It's a win-win!

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