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Montenegro Itineraries: 1-7 Day Detailed Customizable Itineraries

Find your perfect Montenegro travel itinerary. Choose from detailed Montenegro itineraries that are completely customizable.

Crafting the perfect Montenegro travel itinerary can be daunting for first-time visitors.

You're likely searching for a blend of breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, and unique cultural experiences during your stay here.

However, the challenge of planning where to go and what to see can feel overwhelming.

And research shows that it takes over 30 hours to plan an average trip!

With my expertise, gained from helping people explore Montenegro since 2012, I have created several itineraries that will save you hours of time and take the headache out of planning your trip to Montenegro.

Beside tried and true itineraries, you'll find lots of tips on places to eat, where to stay, and hidden gems that offer authentic and memorable experiences.

You'll also find guided itineraries led by passionate local guides.

These itineraries will connect you with the best Montenegro has to offer, ensuring your trip is unforgettable!

The following itineraries are all completely customizable and give you plenty of options of things to see and do. They're ideal for everyone, from friends to families.


Independent Montenegro Itineraries

Guided Montenegro Itineraries

Tips For The Perfect Montenegro Itinerary

  • Choose your Destination/s: The regions of Montenegro, especially along the coast, are very different. Researching each will help you choose the perfect place, or places, for you.
  • Choose Your Season: July and August are the hottest and busiest months in Montenegro and there's a lot of traffic on the roads. May, June, September and October are also great months for holidaying in Montenegro and offer a more relaxed vibe. Click here to read more about the climate in Montenegro.
  • Book Early: Book your accommodation and tours early. Most people want nice accommodation within walking distance of restaurants and these start getting booked in January for the coming summer. Many tours and activities aren't available every day. Try to book as early as you can!
  • Hire a Car: If you want to go sightseeing around Montenegro, hiring a car is the easiest way to do it.
  • Fly into Montenegro: If you're flying to Montenegro try to fly into either Tivat airport, on the coast, or Podgorica airport, in the capital. You can also fly into Dubrovnik airport in Croatia and drive into Montenegro, but you might have long waits at the border crossing, especially in July and August.
  • Beware of automatically-generated itineraries: These itineraries are created by an algorithm, not a person who knows Montenegro, and they'll ruin your holiday.
    I've seen itineraries that recommend five days in Podgorica for families (great if you love hearing "I'm boooored"), tell you you can drive to the Blue Cave (not without an amphibious car) and send you to Kotor old town on three separate occasions to visit one attraction each time (what a waste of time!).
    Always use an itinerary created by a real person.

Independent Montenegro Travel itineraries

1 Day Montenegro Itinerary

If you have just one day in Montenegro, it's best to spend it in magnificently scenic and historic Kotor Bay.

There are lots of things to do here and you can fit a lot into just one day, or just a few hours if you're visiting Kotor on a cruise.

This page shows you four ways to spend a day in Montenegro.

3 Day Montenegro itinerary

If you only have 3 days to spend in Montenegro, this is the best way to get the most out of your time here.

This itinerary combines the top sights of Montenegro, with plenty of relaxing down time, and authentic experiences.

This itinerary includes:

  • Kotor Bay
  • Lovćen National Park
  • Sveti Stefan

4 Day Montenegro Itinerary

This flexible 4 day Montenegro will show you the best of Montenegro in just 4 days.

The itinerary includes:

  • The Bay of Kotor
  • Lovćen National Park
  • Durmitor National Park
  • Sveti Stefan
  • Budva

It includes the scenic beauty Montenegro is known for as well as cultural experiences, and plenty of relaxing down time.

You can do this itinerary with or without a car.

5 Day Montenegro itinerary

This itinerary takes you to the top sights in Montenegro (and some hidden gems!).

The itinerary is a road trip itinerary that includes:

  • The Bay of Kotor
  • Lovćen National Park
  • Durmitor National Park
  • Ostrog Monastery
  • Lake Skadar National Park
  • Sveti Stefan
  • Budva

This itinerary is complete customizable and you'll find lots of options for things to do. You'll get to experience Montenegro's top sights, stunning scenery, cultural attractions, and authentic experiences.

With plenty of options, you'll also have ample time for rest and relaxation!

1 Week Montenegro Itinerary

If you are looking for a 1 week Montenegro itinerary that will show you the stunning beauty of Montenegro, this is the perfect itinerary for you.

This itinerary includes:

  • Bay of Kotor
  • Durmitor National Park
  • Biogradska Gora National Park
  • Lake Skadar National Park
  • Ulcinj
  • Budva
  • Sveti Stefan

If this sounds like your dream Montenegro trip, here's a done-for-you self-drive itinerary that you can copy as is or customize to suit your trip.

You can also download a copy to bring with you, so you have all the information on hand as you travel.

Montenegro Beach Holidays

Hotel Splendid Conference and Spa

Montenegro is a great destination for a beach holiday. With just under 300 km (183 mi) of coastline, there are a lot of beaches for you to choose from.

Summer weather is consistently hot and sunny and the whole coast of Montenegro revolves around the beach!

When you’re looking for a Montenegro beach holiday, the first thing to do is choose where you want to stay. Different parts of the coast offer vastly different experiences.

You’ll find busy beach resorts with great nightlife, romantic seaside hamlets, family-friendly beach towns and emerging beach destinations that are popular with intrepid travelers. 

In this article, I’ll give you an overview of all the beach destinations along the coast to help you decide where would suit you best. I’ll also give you accommodation and holiday recommendations to help you find your perfect Montenegro beach holiday.

Guided Montenegro Itineraries

Privately Guided Montenegro Tour

On a guided tour, you’ll have a private guide who designs an itinerary for you and chauffeurs you throughout your holiday.

A guided tour is a great way to get an in-depth experience in Montenegro. Guides are extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture of the whole country, and they can explain the regional culture, traditions, history and food throughout your stay. They also know plenty of off-the-beaten-track gems and will happily take you to them.

This customizable tour includes:

  • The Bay of Kotor
  • Budva Riviera
  • Lovćen National Park
  • Skadar Lake National Park
  • Tara Canyon
  • Durmitor National Park
  • Biogradska Gora National Park
  • Morača Canyon
  • Cijevna River
  • Ulcinj

Best Montenegro and Croatia Tours

Hvar Croatia Deposit

Are you looking for a Montenegro and Croatia tour that will show you the best of these two stunningly beautiful countries?

Montenegro and Croatia, two neighboring countries in the heart of the Balkans, both boast an abundance of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture.

From the stunning coastline of the Adriatic Sea to the rugged mountains of Montenegro, this region offers an incredible diversity of landscapes and experiences.

To make the most of your visit, escorted tours to Croatia and Montenegro can be an excellent way to explore the highlights of these two countries.

You can choose from private or group tours, sailing or land-based. And you can even combine Montenegro and Croatia with other countries in the Balkans and around Europe.

Best Small Group Tours to Croatia and Montenegro

Croatia and Montenegro have long been hidden gems of the Adriatic coast, offering stunning natural beauty, rich history, and a unique blend of cultures.

With 26 national parks between them, photogenic medieval towns, idyllic islands and that Mediterranean sunshine, a Croatia and Montenegro trip could easily be the trip of a lifetime!

And since they are neighbours, visiting them both in one trip makes complete sense. But it can be overwhelming to plan a Montenegro and Croatia itinerary, especially if you're travelling solo or in a small group.

That's where escorted tours of Croatia and Montenegro come in - they offer the perfect balance of flexibility and structure, allowing you to explore at your own pace while still benefiting from the expertise of local guides. 

Yoga Retreats in Montenegro

Montenegro is a great place to enjoy a yoga retreat and there are many great yoga retreats in Montenegro to choose from.

You'll find relaxed yoga holidays that combine yoga and plenty of time for sightseeing and hanging out on the beach. You'll also find more structured retreats that include group activities or even teacher certification.

2 Day Activity Break

A three day, two night guided tour that takes you through some of north Montenegro's most dramatic scenery.

The tour includes rafting in the Tara Canyon, hiking around Piva Lake and lake cruise.

It also includes all your meals, accommodation, and transfers from the Bay of Kotor.

2 Day Adrenaline Break

A two day, one night tour for adrenaline junkies.

You're thrown in the deep end on the first day with a canyoning tour through Nevidio Canyon.

The second day takes you to the deepest canyon in Europe and whitewater rafting through the rapids before you return to the Bay of Kotor.

3 Day Active Break

This three day, two night casual tour that takes you to explore some of Montenegro's most beautiful scenery.

You'll go rafting in the Tara Canyon, go on two guided hikes and a lake cruise.

You'll also experience true Montenegrin culture when you stay in an ethno village and try Montenegrin specialty food and drinks.

3 Day Adrenaline Plus Break

The Adrenaline Plus Break is a three day, two night rafting and canyoning tour.

As well as canyoning Nevidio Canyon and rafting in the Tara Canyon, you'll take on the more challenging and less-visited Medjurecije Canyon.

3 Day Adventure Break

The three day, two night Adventure Break includes rafting in Tara Canyon, a hike and canyoning in Nevidio Canyon.

You've got adventure and relaxation all in one trip! You'll also see this beautiful region of Montenegro that hasn't been discovered by the masses yet.

3 Day Hiking Break

Keen to do some hiking through Montenegro's wild mountains?

This trip takes you to some of the most stunning scenery around Durmitor National Park.

The tour includes three guided hikes and a lake cruise, as well as your meals, accommodation and return transfers from Kotor Bay.

Montenegro Adventure Holiday

This 7-day, action-packed tour includes hiking, rafting, a gastronomy tour, fishing, a boat cruise and cultural experiences.

You'll really get to know Montenegro and see some of the most stunning scenery in north Montenegro.

Active Family Montenegro Holiday

This is a 7-day holiday for families looking for something extraordinary. The holiday includes rafting, canyoning, hiking, swimming, a lake cruise, kayaking, a ropes course and ziplining!

This is a holiday your family will never forget!

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