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About Montenegro Pulse

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I'm Sarah, an adventurer, mum and animal-lover dedicated to helping you discover the best of Montenegro, no matter how long your visit to this intriguing part of the world.

My Story

I grew up in faraway New Zealand and I've always loved travel.

I relished childhood trips to my father's native Malaysia, spent a year as an exchange student in Germany and worked in Hawaii, Sydney and on super yachts in the Mediterranean.

I don't mind sitting on a plane for 16 hours as long as there's an adventure to be had the other end.

Over a decade ago I swapped the New Zealand rat race (yes, even idyllic New Zealand has a rat race, and you can read about my quest to be my own boss here) for a sunshine-filled lifestyle in Montenegro. 

And I've never looked back.

I found a job with a dedicated Montenegrin tour operator and helped people book holidays in this undiscovered gem. I loved that job and count it right up there with other favourite jobs, like taking kids boogy-boarding and working on a super yacht.

This job allowed me to share all my top tips with the people I booked holidays for, and I was known for my epic 'how to do Montenegro' emails, but I wanted to reach more people. 

I wanted to help everyone coming to Montenegro have an amazing time... and avoid the pitfalls that can put a cloud over a stay here. 

Once, while reading a thank you email from one of my clients, I had an epiphany.

What if I created a website?! Then I could really help a lot of people experience all things that made me fall in love with Montenegro.

Now, I get to explore Montenegro, try new tours and write about my experiences both here and for Culture Trip.

It's my dream come true! 

Planning Your Dream Montenegro Getaway

With my unique experience of giving people 1:1 help to book their holidays in Montenegro, my goal is to help you create an itinerary of meaningful and high-quality experiences, while removing as much of the stress and uncertainty as possible.

I've helped thousands of people, from families, to groups of friends, to couples, have unforgettable holidays in Montenegro... and I want to help you too.

I have also explored this country with a foreigner's eyes and I will:

  • Help you decide where to stay.
  • Help you craft an itinerary that you'll love.
  • Honestly tell you which destinations are worth seeing.
  • Reveal the hidden restaurants all the locals go to, while the tourists pay for underwhelming and overpriced fare.
  • Help you avoid the common tourist traps.
  • Connect you with passionate locals who offer unique experiences.
  • And much, much more.

Giving Back

I'm proud that Montenegro Pulse helps support my other personal passion - supporting animal welfare and ecological initiatives in Montenegro. 

A portion of the income from Montenegro Pulse is donated to help stray cats and dogs in Montenegro. I mostly support sterilisation projects, but also pay for vet bills and make food donations. 

Any time you make a booking on via link on Montenegro Pulse you help me help more animals. And your booking doesn't need to be in Montenegro, it can be anywhere in the world.

So far we have sterilised, provided food and medical care for dozens of animals.

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What Others Are Saying

"Wow Sarah - thanks a lot! We found your website and it's the best for tourists like us going to Montenegro. You've put in a lot of work and have helped us make our trip to Montenegro something special." - Peter, UK.

"Your info is absolutely stunning and much appreciated!! Thank you for your wonderful booking guide. All the questions that we had are answered. 

Our trip is coming together nicely and we are getting excited. In a month's time we'll be in beautiful Budva having a sundowner." - Antoinette, South Africa.

"Back from our trip to Montenegro and let me tell you straight away that we did not expect all that beauty in one country. What a gem you have there. 

The trip was just perfect and your Montenegro Pulse (and you Sarah) was the ultimate helping tool in arranging our tour.  Being able to choose in one place a lot of possibilities regarding nature beauties, accommodation, restaurant, tours, etc.  No one should go to Montenegro without checking  out Montenegro Pulse."  Atli, Iceland.

"I have been following your tour recommendations. You provide a great service and I wish there was someone like you in every place I visited!" - Warwick, USA.

My Online Business

This site is made possible with the dedication of an incredible group of people at SBI! - short for Solo Build It! -  the best online business building tool in the world.

And I don't say that lightly, it's proven with hard numbers!

If you're interested in finding out more about how you can create a business you love too, click here to read my story.

I have built Montenegro Pulse (and our road to financial freedom) bit by bit, on weekends and around being a stay at home mum. It's been an absolute life-changer!


During the course of living, working and having fun here, I've met some awesome people. That's why I'm really happy to recommend our partners who run tours and activities here. These are people who love the country, love what they do and love showing you the best of Montenegro.

The tour and activity enquiry forms on Montenegro Pulse are sent directly to partners who I have personally vetted. Those people reply to your enquiries directly.

Other tours are provided by local tour operators, but the online booking is provided by a company like Get Your Guide or Viator. has the best choice of hotel rooms, apartments, villas and hostels in Montenegro. They also guarantee the lowest prices. I always recommend looking there first when looking for somewhere to stay here.

Making your tour and accommodation bookings through Montenegro Pulse helps to pay for the upkeep of this website. It also helps to pay for sterilisations of stray cats and dogs in Montenegro. You can see my affiliate disclosure here.

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