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Restaurants In Montenegro

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A typical meal in restaurants in Montenegro

Welcome to one of the most important parts of our site – the part about food.

When you come to Montenegro, you know you'll have to eat. And you don't want to waste a meal eating in the wrong places. 

If there's one thing that's true about travelling anywhere in the world it's that the locals know the best places to eat.

And Montenegro is no exception.

There are lots of restaurants and cafes here. Heck, locals spend a good portion of their days in cafes. But most locals don't have the money to eat out on a regular basis. So when they do, they go where they know they're going to get:

  1. Good quality food
  2. Good size portions
  3. Good service

That’s why it pays to follow your nose to the places the locals go.

We’ve done the hard yards for you… well ok, eating our way around the country is also not that hard! Some of the best-known restaurants here leave a lot to be desired in our opinion. Some of the places you would never find on your own are absolute gems.

Either way, we’re on a quest to discover the best and let you know about them. Especially the hidden gems.

We love to try new places and have some old favourites that we return to again and again. Eating out in Montenegro is pretty reasonable and the portions are huge.

There are two main types of local cuisine in restaurants in Montenegro – seafood on the coast and hearty meat dishes when you travel inland. You'll find both types on the coast and both have some delicious dishes that you must try while on holiday. 

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Find The Best Restaurants in Montenegro By Area

We’ve listed out the top restaurants in each area based on our own experiences, friends’ experiences and general popularity.

Best Kotor Restaurants

Kotor is the most popular tourist attraction in Montenegro and the old town is full of eateries... so where should you go?

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Best Kotor bay Restaurants

There are some fantastic restaurants in Kotor Bay. Restaurants where you can sit waterside and enjoy a romantic seafood dinner while the waves lap gently on the shore. 

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Best Budva Restaurants

Budva is one of my favourite places to eat out. There's variety, some local favourites and for sunset dinners, you can't beat the Budva Riviera. Watching the sun go down over the sea while you tuck into fresh seafood is an experience that every visitor to Montenegro should have. 

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Best Tivat Restaurants

Tivat is a town where you can everything from great value local cuisine to upmarket 5 star dining. Having breakfast, lunch or dinner in Porto Montenegro overlooking the super yachts is another Montenegro must-do experience. 

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Best herceg Novi Restaurants

Herceg Novi has some gems that you must try if you're staying or visiting there. You'll find lots of local-style seafood and Balkan grill places that are unpretentious and delicious. 

But my favourite? A little lounge that serves modern Montenegrin cuisine... with a sea view of course!

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