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Tivat Restaurants

Tivat restaurants have become some of the most popular on the coast since the world's new 'port of cool' Porto Montenegro established itself in Tivat. The town has become a mecca for international visitors and the restaurants have certainly reflected this. There's been a definite shift to a more upmarket atmosphere.

Tivat is now a great place to stay for your holiday because it's so central. You can get to Kotor in 15 minutes. Budva in 30 minutes. Lustica Peninsula in 10 minutes and Herceg Novi in 45 minutes.

But where should you eat while you're in Tivat?

Splash out in one of the Porto Montenegro restaurants? 

Are there locals gems you should be eating at instead?

Let's explore Tivat restaurants...

In Tivat Town

Prova - Seafront Promenade

You can't miss Prova on the promenade in central Tivat. The building is shaped like a ship and is a great place to enjoy a sun-soaked late breakfast, lunch or dinner.

They have seating overlooking the bay from either the seafront or roof top areas. They serve contemporary cuisine and, being a chocoholic, I can't resist ordering the chocolate souffle whenever we go there.

We've had some mixed experiences here. We've had great pasta, tortillas and sandwiches. 

love the chocolate souffle. But then I've yet to meet a chocolate souffle I didn't like! We've also had some misses, most notably with dishes that are new or foreign to Montenegro. 

Our advice: stick to the basics at Prova. Give the meals like tuna steak a miss if you're a bit picky. All in all, the meals are pretty good and the place is lovely.

This is our list of favourite Tivat restaurants and we'd love to hear about yours. Further down the page you can share your tips and stories with other visitors to the site.

Porto Montenegro

View from Posto Giusto in Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is a must see while you're in Montenegro. It's absolutely beautiful day and night. 

We often come here for coffee and the odd meal. 

Porto Montenegro is great because you get the luxe experience at a fraction of the price you'd pay in Italy or the south of France.

And that's just it... it's really the experience you come for rather than the food. The food is definitely good, but it probably won't blow your mind.

Al Posto Giusto

As the name suggests, Al Posto Giusto specialises in Italian cuisine with pastas, pizzas and other contemporary dishes. We like to get a leisurely breakfast on their outdoor pier overlooking the marina on the weekends.

Our favourite: scrambled eggs with leek and proscuitto. The rosemary tortilla that comes with it has us breaking all low-carb resolutions.

2014 Update: 'Leisurely breakfasts' are now a thing of the past... as you'll know if you're a parent!

Now it's more of an 'inhale your breakfast before he breaks something/falls in the water/cries' experience.

Window cleaner / babysitter / angel

But the absolutely lovely and kind window cleaner at Posto Giusto offered to keep baby Kai entertained so that we could eat breakfast. She dropped her work and walked him up and down while we ate... I don't know about you, but I think that is AMAZING customer service! That lady should be up for Employee of the Year!


If you have sushi cravings that must be indulged, Mitsu is the place for you. This is one of only two places in Montenegro that you can get Japanese cuisine. Expect to get sticker shock.


Pilo is the first Montenegrin restaurant in Porto Montenegro. They specialise in fresh, local ingredients and a modern atmosphere.


One is located in the Teuta building right at the start of Jetty 1, the main jetty of Porto Montenegro. They serve casual, contemporary cuisine and the adjoining wine bar means they have always have a great selection of international wines on offer.

This is one of the few places in Montenegro to serve eggs benedict. I recommend it on a croissant with bacon and avocado.

The regent

The Regent offers a really high class dining experience in Tivat. We haven't tried it but a friend's feedback was: 'It was nice but overpriced for what it was.'

The setting is lovely - running water, verdant gardens and all with a view over the yachts. So if you're looking for a lovely experience rather than amazing meal, you'll probably be quite happy.

The Locals' Fav Tivat Restaurants

Ok so you've seen all the obvious ones, but where do the locals eat?

I'm about to tell you. Come with me friend...


Sidro is local favourite on Tivat marina. Not Porto Montenegro, but Tivat's first marina called Kalimanj. 

The restaurant has the best grill in Tivat. It also does homestyle food like a Balkan mama would make:

  • Rice and vegetables
  • Stuffed capsicums
  • Beans and sausage

This is our favourite Tivat restaurant.


Theodorus is also a local favourite in Tivat. They have a great value lunch of whole grilled fish for just €5. They also do English breakfasts with sausages and beans.

Theodorus is in the centre of Tivat, next to the culture centre.

In the Tivat Area

Konoba Maestral - Krasici, Lustica Peninsula

This is one of our favourites. It’s on the Lustica Peninsula side of the Bay of Kotor, about 15 minutes’ drive from Tivat or Kotor. 

My favourite dish here is the black risotto (made with squid ink), but all of their food is top quality. 

Konoba Kroket - Prcanj

Konoba Kroket is a little tavern on the seaside road in Prcanj, which lies between Kotor and Tivat. Being a konoba, they specialise in local-style seafood - mussels, fish, calamari and fish pate.

Their produce is always really fresh and the service is excellent. This little konoba is always a favourite of Prcanj locals and visitors alike. At around 8 Euros for the mussel buzara, a meal here won't dent your pocket either.

Want to know what to try when you go to these restaurants? See our top 10 Montenegrin dishes here.

We'd love to hear about your favourite Tivat restaurants. You can share your recommendations with other Montenegro Pulse visitors using the link below!

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