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Find the perfect Montenegro vacation rentals for your holiday in the sun.

A central European location, guaranteed summer sunshine, azure beaches and previously cheap property prices, means there are a lot of apartments and villas in Montenegro which are second homes. And although owners might enjoy their homes for a few weeks of the year, they’re empty for the rest of it.

Which is great for you!


Because these people like to rent their villas and apartments out while they’re not there. So you get the use of someone’s cared-for home while on holiday.

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Hiring a holiday home during your visit to Montenegro is both practical and cost-effective. Here are some of the reasons why staying in a Montenegro vacation rental is a great idea: 

  • Fully-equipped: These homes are usually fully equipped with everything you’d have in your own home including tv, dvd, washing machine and fully equipped kitchens
  • Outdoor living: They often have pools, barbecues and outdoor living areas.
  • Space: It’s great to be able to stretch out comfortably just like at home. Everyone can have their own space and you don’t need to choose between being cooped up in a hotel room or outdoors.
  • Choice: You can find everything from apartment complexes to villas with private pools to waterside stone cottages.
  • Great for families: These are the perfect solution for families – shared pools and play areas mean playmates for your kids, more space for them to play both indoors and out and you can cook for them. I know how fun eating in restaurants is with small kids… it’s not!
  • Indoor living: The hot summer weather means families tend to head out in the morning and evening, and stay indoors during the heat of the day. A comfortable living area is the perfect place to pull out board games and books while staying cool.   
  • Save money: You’ll be surprised how cost-effective it is to get your own villa. When you consider that a bottle of wine in a restaurant costs €16 and that same bottle of wine is €5 in the supermarket, enjoying your own cooking and store-bought wine in the privacy of your own vacation rental can tip the scales away from a hotel stay and all the extra costs, like eating and drinking out, that go with it. Plus you don’t have to argue about who’s going to miss out on the wine because someone has to drive!
  • Take Fido: More and more people love to travel with their pets and with pet passports, it's never been easier. If you're travelling with a pet, you'll find it much easier to find a pet-friendly vacation rental than a pet-friendly hotel in Montenegro. 

So let’s have a look at the best places to look for Montenegro vacation rentals.

But first, some things to think about when you’re looking for a place:

  • Families: As I mentioned, apartment blocks with shared pools and play areas are less private but they’re great places to meet other families and find playmates for your kids. Places like Lavender Bay are always full of British families from April to October.
  • Size: Large villas with more than three bedrooms are hard to come by. If you’ll be travelling with extended family or multiple families get looking and booking early ie. before Christmas for the following summer.
  • Amenities: Think about what’s most important to you on your holiday. If you want to be walking distance to restaurants, you’ll find mostly apartments and smaller villas. If you want a large villa with lots of privacy and a pool, you’ll probably need a rental car and need to drive to restaurants and supermarkets.
  • Toasters and kettles: Montenegrins don’t toast their bread and they don’t boil water in kettles. They eat bread and boil water on the stove in a small Turkish coffee pot called a dzezva (these make great souvenirs by the way!). So if you rent an apartment from a Montenegrin family, there’s a good chance you won’t have either of these appliances.
  • Parking: If you’re planning to have a rental car and will be staying during July or August, look for a place with off street parking. Parking becomes very scarce along the Montenegrin coast in peak season.
  • Wi-Fi: Most vacation rentals in Montenegro come with Wi-Fi. There’s no need to settle for one that doesn’t have it… unless you want a digital detox holiday!
  • Drinking and driving: The alcohol limit for driving in Montenegro is 0. That means if you want to go out for dinner and enjoy some of our delicious wines and maybe a sneaky shot of rakija!, you’ll need to head out on foot, by bus or by taxi. Keep this in mind when you’re booking a property.
  • Air-con: It's get very, very hot here in July and August - up to 42 degrees - even in the mountains. Make sure your apartment or villa has air-conditioning in at least the living area and fans as required.

Local's Tip: It's essential that you start looking for Montenegro vacation rentals as early as you can. The best places start to get booked for summer straight after Christmas!

So where can you find these holiday rentals in Montenegro?

The three best places to look for vacation rentals are: 

  • A local agent
  • Home Away/Owners Direct
  • Flipkey
  • RentalsCombined

Local Agents

There's no substitute for getting real-life advice from an on-the-ground expert, and choosing a local agent to help you find a vacation rental is one of the easiest ways to find a great place to spend your holiday. 

A local agent can:

  • Advise you on the best place to stay in Montenegro.
  • Answer questions about individual properties.
  • Save you a bunch of time because you don't have to send enquiries and ask questions with several different owners.

My favourite local agent in Montenegro is Blue Coast Travel. They have a large selection of both vacation rentals and hotels to choose from and they're experts in Montenegro holidays. If you'd like to enlist their help, you can contact them directly using the form below.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Montenegro Vacation Rentals on has a lot of accommodation options in Montenegro. In fact, it’s Montenegro’s favourite way to advertise property. You can enter your requirements and vacation dates and it’ll show you a broad range of options that match your criteria… couldn’t be easier!

The downside is you could spend a long time looking through properties but you often have a very favourable cancellation policy and you can make a reservation on the spot when you find a place you like.

Here are some of my favourites to get you started:

Local's Tip: There are so many options when you start looking at properties. To save time, narrow down what you're looking for (private vs shared pool, number of bedrooms, apartment or villa) as much as you can before you start looking, and then make good use of the search filters!

Search for Your Perfect vacation Rental on

Did you know... that every time you make a booking on through Montenegro Pulse you help to sterilise a stray animal in Montenegro? Yep, at no cost to you, your booking generates a donation towards local spay and neuter initiatives I support. And this works when you book through any link or search box on this site to book accommodation anywhere in the world!

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Montenegro Vacation Rentals on Home Away

HomeAway is another popular place to find apartments and villas for rent in Montenegro. They're more popular with foreign villa and apartment owners so you'll find some really nice places on here that are second homes or investment properties.

Unlike, you mostly can't reserve on the spot. You'll need to send a request for each property you're interested in and wait to hear back from the owner. My tip is to send enquiries for several properties and then choose from the ones you get a reply from.

Here are a few of my favourite properties on HomeAway:

Almost all of their properties are on the coast, so if you're looking for a place inland, will be a better place to search.

Click here to go the USA/International HomeAway site.

Click here to go to the UK HomeAway site.

Montenegro Vacation Rentals on Owners Direct

I used to recommend Owners Direct separately but Owners Direct has been bought by HomeAway and now they have exactly the same properties and searching system. So you can just go directly to HomeAway to look for Montenegro vacation rentals. 

Montenegro Vacation Rentals on Flipkey

Flipkey has almost 2,000 properties to choose from in Montenegro. Most are along the coast, which is the most popular place to stay, but they also have plenty of places in the mountains.

Flipkey is easy to use, with lots of filters you can add to narrow down your search. They also provide lots of pictures and information about each property, so you can see what's included, exactly where it is and read reviews by previous visitors.  

Montenegro Vacation Rentals on RentalsCombined

RentalsCombined has the fewest vacation rentals in Montenegro, but they do have some nice villas with private pools on offer. 

They have a good filtering system and I like that you can expand the info on a property without having to open a new page, but their maps don't work (as I write this) so you can't see exactly where a property is.

If you want to stay in a small town like Perast, this isn't such a problem because the town is so small and you'll never be more than a few steps from the seaside. But I wouldn't recommend booking anything unless you know exactly where it is and how far it is from amenities like shops and restaurants. If you like a property on RentalsCombined,  your best option is to send a request asking for link to the location. 

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