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19 Best Budva Beaches, Montenegro (Local’s Guide)

Budva beaches are some of the best beaches in Montenegro and Budva is rightfully known as Montenegro’s top beach resort town. Budva boasts 35 beaches covering 12km of stunning coastline.

Whether you love the lively atmosphere of popular beaches, the tranquility of lesser-known spots, or the luxury of a 5-star experience, Budva has it all. 

With an average sea temperature of 26°C (79°F) during summer and a beach season that lasts up to five months, this is a fantastic place to hit the beach. 

In this article, I’ll share the best beaches in Budva and the best beaches near Budva that I have discovered over the last 15 years living in Montenegro.


Tips for Visiting Budva Best Beaches

Best Budva Beaches

Frequently Asked Questions

Tips For Visiting Budva Best Beaches

  • Beaches further from the city have the cleanest waters, so it’s worth traveling out of town to experience the best beaches of Budva. You can get to them by bus, taxi, scooter, or rent a car (check Localrent first for the best deals)
  • All beaches in Budva are public, however they are usually divided into public and private sections.

    The public areas are free to use, however, space is usually limited and fills up by 10 am. In the private sections, you’ll have to pay for sun loungers which are rented per pair with an umbrella for a daily rate.

    These cost anywhere from €10 to €220, so check the price before you rent them.

    Many of these private sections close down in September, so the beaches are free but without lounger rentals or restaurants
  • Most beaches have cafes, restrooms, and changing facilities
  • Budva’s beaches have crystal clear waters with visibility up to 20-30 meters. Packing a snorkel and mask will allow you to see fish, starfish, colorful sea urchin shells, and more!

Best Budva Beaches

1. Richard’s Head Beach

Richard's Head BeachRichard's Head Beach

Richard's Head Beach, (Ričardova Glava), is a 100-meter-long pebble beach located right outside the Old Town walls of Budva. 

It's named after actor Richard Widmark, who filmed "The Long Ships" here in 1963. This beach is one of Budva's most prominent tourist attractions, famous for its picturesque views of the Old Town and the Budva Citadel. 

Despite its small size, it's a popular spot throughout the year, offering cafes and restaurants, and is known for being a lively location with Instagram-worthy scenery. Part of the beach is pet-friendly, catering to both locals and visitors. 

Accessible through a gate from the historic center or the main promenade, it gets crowded in summer, with over half the area occupied by paid sun loungers. The water can become murky due to the number of swimmers, and there's often loud music from nearby bars. 

Out of season, however, it's much quieter and more enjoyable. The beach's seabed is rough, and you might want to wear swimming shoes for protection. 

Facilities include restrooms, showers, changing rooms, a lifeguard, and a playground for children. 

Finding a free spot can be challenging, but locals often lay their towels near the concrete slabs on the left side.

2. Mogren Beach

Mogren Beach, Budva, MontenegroMogren Beach

Mogren Beach, Budva is just a short walk from Budva's Old Town and I think it's much nicer than Richard's Head Beach.

Made up of two parts, Mogren I and II, connected by a tunnel, this pebble beach is surrounded by cliffs and pine trees. It’s a stunning destination known for its turquoise waters and natural beauty. 

Mogren Beach was awarded the Blue Flag certification in 2004 for its clean waters and environmental standards. It is popular for water sports, lounging, and its scenic walkway, which passes the iconic Budva Ballerina Statue. 

Despite its popularity, especially in July and August, the beach has a peaceful atmosphere, especially out of high season. The facilities include snack bars, sun loungers for hire, and an inflatable aqua park on Mogren II. 

The beach is moderately priced, with sun loungers and umbrellas available for around €15-20. If you’re adventurous, nearby Shark's Rock cliff is a thrilling 15-meter jump into the sea. 

Access to the beach costs €2 per person during peak season, but admission is free off-season. 

The beach is used by Avala Resort and Villas, so if you stay in this hotel you can use the beach for free.

3. Pizana Beach

Pizana Beach, near Budva's Old Town, is a small, picturesque beach known for its stunning views of the city's historic walls and marina. 

This beach is a mix of sand and pebbles with a gentle slope into the water. It's easily accessible on foot and is a great spot for a quick swim or sunbathing. 

Despite its small size, only about 50 meters long, Pizana Beach can get quite busy, especially in the high season, and is popular for its cocktail bar and dining options near the Old Town gates. The beach offers an intimate atmosphere in the early mornings and is suitable for families looking to relax.

Where to Stay Near Richard’s Head, Mogren, and Pizana Beaches

If you want to stay close to any of these three beaches, the best place to stay is in or around the old town.

Avala Resort and Villas is right on Richard’s Head Beach and offers its guests free use of Mogren Beach. It has luxurious 4* accommodation with an incredible pool that juts out over the sea.

Hotel Butua Residence has beautiful rooms and apartments next Avala Resort and Villas at more affordable prices.

Beatrix Suites has budget-friendly rooms, some with fully-equipped kitchens, inside the old town.

4. Slovenian Beach (Slovenska Plaža)

Slovenska Plaza,BudvaSlovenska Plaza,Budva. Image: Deposit Photos

Slovenian Beach, near Budva's city center, is a vibrant and energetic beach known for its mix of sand, pebbles, and small rocks. 

Stretching for about 1.6 kilometers, it's one of the largest and most crowded beaches in Budva. It’s especially popular with young people and families. 

The beach offers a range of facilities, including beach bars, cafes, restaurants, and various water activities like jet skiing and parasailing. Parts of the beach are pet-friendly, and it's divided into zones named after nearby beach bars. 

You can hire sun loungers and umbrellas, with prices starting from €10-15 per day. Due to its popularity, the beach can get crowded, particularly in July and August, so I recommend arriving early to secure a good spot. 

Behind the beach, Budva’s main promenade has more entertainment, restaurants, and fast food stands.

Where to Stay Near Slovenian Beach

Hotel Slovenska Plaza is a large older-style hotel complex right behind the beach.

Fontana Hotel and Gastronomy is an excellent modern hotel on Slovenian Beach, a stone’s throw from Budva Old Town.

Just behind it, Hotel Oaza has reasonably priced rooms in this central location close to the beach and old town.

5. Bečići Beach

Becici Beach, BudvaBečići Beach. Image: Deposit Photos

Bečići Beach, located just outside Budva's city center, is renowned for its cleanliness and crystal-clear waters, earning it the Blue Flag award and the title of one of the cleanest waters in Montenegro. 

This long beach is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. It offers a mix of hotel-owned and public areas, with amenities like beach bars, cafes, restaurants, and water sports activities. 

The beach is spacious, mostly consisting of small pebbles, and stretches up to 100 meters wide in some places. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas for around €6-12.

Bečići Beach is also known for its family-friendly atmosphere and is dog-friendly. However, be cautious as the water can get deep quickly. 

The beach's urban feel, with hotel towers and occasional water toys or jet skis, offers a lively atmosphere.

Where to Stay Near Bečići Beach

Katamare Hotel has excellent 4* accommodation in a beachside location on Bečići Beach. 

Hotel Splendid Conference and Spa is a large 5* resort with pools and a wellness center on the beach and Iberostar Bellevue is an all-inclusive resort here.

Bečići - Andrea Apartman is a spacious and affordable 2-bedroom apartment just 600m from the beach.

6. Rafailovići Beach

Rafailovići Beach, located near the village of Rafailovići and adjacent to Bečići Beach, has a series of small coves with a mix of sandy and pebble beaches. 

Known for its clear waters and picturesque setting, this beach is ideal if you’re looking for a quieter experience, particularly in the mornings. It seamlessly blends into Bečići Beach, making it easy to visit both. 

Rafailovići is especially popular among families with children, thanks to its good sand, sparkling waters, and family-friendly atmosphere. The beach is also noted for having some of the best family resorts in Montenegro directly along its coastline.

It's an affordable to moderately priced destination, perfect for families and groups looking for a tranquil beach.

Where to Stay Near Rafailovići Beach

Hotel Ponta Nova offers modern accommodation overlooking the sea. The best thing about this hotel is that every room has a terrace with stunning sea views over Rafailovići and Bečići beaches and there are equally stunning views from the outdoor pool and hot tub! 

Apartments Stević - Monaco offer modest, but good quality apartments with kitchenettes and sea views a stone’s throw from the beach.

7. Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach, BudvaJaz Beach, Budva

Jaz Beach is one of the most popular and longest beaches in the area, known for its sandy-pebble mix and clear waters. 

This beach is divided into two parts: Jaz I, which is family-friendly with hotels and infrastructure, and Jaz II, a nudist area. 

Jaz Beach has everything you need to spend the day on the beach, including water sports, beach bars, restaurants, and a camping site. There is also ample parking.

Because it’s so popular, I recommend arriving early during peak season to secure a spot. 

Prices for sunbeds and umbrellas are moderate, making it an affordable destination. 

This is the ideal destination if you’re looking for a lively beach with plenty of things to do.

Where to Stay Near Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach is a 10-minute drive to Budva center and somewhat isolated, so I recommend hiring a car if you want to stay here.

Poseidon The Beach Hotel has nice modern rooms overlooking Jaz Beach and a free private area on the beach for hotel guests.

Apartments Vis Jaz has budget-friendly apartments in a quiet location near Jaz Beach.

For something different, try Sea Glamping, an incredible glamping site with luxury tents with large private bathrooms and air conditioning. There’s an onsite restaurant and even an outdoor pool!

8. Dukley Beach

Dukley Beach, BudvaDukley Beach, Budva

Dukley Beach, located just south of Budva on the Zavala Peninsula, is an upscale, private beach belonging to the Dukley Gardens resort. 

This small, 100-meter-long sandy beach is known for its sunny location and exceptional water quality. The beach offers a secluded experience with only a few dozen people, ensuring pristine cleanliness and exceptional service. 

Admission is free for Dukley Hotel guests, while others pay €150 per pair of sun loungers during the week and €250 on weekends. This fee can be used towards food and beverages from the beach bar. 

The beach's shallow entrance gradually deepens, making it suitable for families with small children and those seeking exclusivity.

Where to Stay Near Dukley Beach

Dukley Hotel and Resort is the best place to stay here, with 5* accommodation and free access to their numerous exclusive beaches. 

Hotel Harmonia By Dukely has more affordable accommodation in the Dukley Gardens complex. While your stay doesn’t include free access to Dukley Beach, this hotel has an outdoor pool and it’s a short walk from Bečići Beach.

9. Sveti Nikola Island

Sveti Nikola, BudvaSveti Nikola

St. Nicholas Island, also known as Hawaii, a popular beach excursion destination in front of Budva Old Town, is just a short boat ride from the Old Town. 

The island is covered with Mediterranean vegetation and wild beaches, offering an escape from the busy beaches around Budva’s center. 

Sveti Nikola Island is known for its coves, clear waters, and pebble beaches. There is little else to do on the island except enjoy the beach. The few bars and one restaurant on the island have higher prices than Budva, so expect to pay more for food and drinks here. 

The currents around the island can be strong and you may want to bring swim shoes because the large pebbles can be hard on your feet. Because of this it’s not the best beach for small children.

To get to Sveti Nikola you can take a tourist boat from Budva's marina for around €5 or shuttle boats available for €20-30 for a return trip.

10. Sveti Stefan Beach

Sveti Stefan Beach, BudvaSveti Stefan Beach

Sveti Stefan Beach is one of my favorite beaches on the Budva Riviera. It’s known for its crystal-clear waters, sandy coastline, and stunning views of the historic island of Sveti Stefan. 

This hotel town, once a fortified fishermen's village, is now an exclusive 5-star resort managed by the Aman brand, attracting celebrities and high-class guests. However, the Sveti Stefan resort has been closed since 2020.

Connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway, there are stunning beaches on each side of the causeway. The island's pink pebbles and clear waters make it one of Montenegro's most photographed locations and best places to swim.

Visiting Budva without experiencing Sveti Stefan Beach would be a missed opportunity to experience one of the most spectacular places on the Montenegrin coast.

11. Miločer Beach

Milocer BeachMilocer Beach

Miločer Beach, also known as King’s Beach, is a 10-minute walk from Sveti Stefan Beach. 

This 300-meter-long sand and fine pebble beach sits beneath the former summer residence of the royal Karađorđević family and has stunning turquoise waters. It is surrounded by Miločer Forest Park, which has 18 hectares of manicured parkland with cypresses, cedars, olives, pines, and other rare botanical specimens. 

While Miločer Beach used to be reserved for Aman Sveti Stefan guests or those who could pay €120 for a pair of sun loungers, the resort’s closure means access to the beach is now free for all.

12. Queen’s Beach

Queen's Beach, BudvaQueen's Beach

Queen’s Beach (Kraljičina Plaza) in Budva, named after Queen Maria Karađorđević, offers a serene and peaceful beach experience with its crystal clear waters in an intimate cove.

Surrounded by thick forest and well-maintained parkland, the beach is shaded by cypress and olive trees inside a calm bay ideal for swimming. This secluded site is one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. 

Like Sveti Stefan Beach and Miločer Beach, Queen’s Beach was exclusively for the use of Aman Sveti Stefan guests, however, it’s open to the public for now.

Visit it while you can!

Where to Stay Near Sveti Stefan, Miločer, and Queen’s Beaches

The best place to stay near these beaches is in Sveti Stefan village. Here you’ll find a lot of accommodation options within walking distance of the beach, many of them cheaper than you might expect for such a location. You’ll also find good restaurants and grocery stores in the village.

Hotel California by Aycon is Sveti Stefan’s top beach resort in Sveti Stefan, so if you want to spend a lot of time enjoying the beach here, this is the place to be.

Hotel Adrović is a moderately-priced hotel with incredible views of Sveti Stefan and it’s just a 5-minute walk to the beach.

Apartmani Dačo has impeccable modern apartments at hostel prices just 250 meters from the beach.

13. Pržno Beach

Przno BeachPrzno Beach

Pržno Beach is another of my favorite Budva beaches. The beach has a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere with a mix of sandy and pebble areas. The is surrounded by a charming little town of Pržno. The village is quaint, authentic, and very picturesque, with little fishing boats bobbing in the water. 

The beach is 350 meters long and has amenities like beach showers, sun loungers, a beach bar, and excellent restaurants like Blanche and Langust. The beach's gentle incline into the Adriatic Sea makes it safe for swimmers, with no steep drop-offs.

Pržno Beach is part of a protected natural reservation due to the valuable olive groves in the area. 

The village is a great starting point for trips to nearby beaches like Sveti Stefan. However, parking can be challenging, because it depends on finding a spot on nearby streets. 

Where to Stay Near Pržno Beach

Pržno is an excellent place to stay on the Budva Rivera. Not only do you have Pržno Beach, but  it’s just a short walk through Miločer Forest Park to Queen’s Beach, Miločer Beach, and Sveti Stefan.

Maestral Resort and Casino is a sprawling 5-star beachfront resort that is ideal for a luxury beachside stay.

If you prefer something more intimate, Mima Apartments have lovely modern apartments with sea views, balconies, and free parking right on the beach. 

Apartments Mtrovići Miločer also has nice modern apartments with sunset views that are to die for.

14. Ploče Beach

Ploce BeachPloce Beach
Ploce BeachPloce Beach

Ploče Beach, known for its pristine waters and rocky cliffs, offers a unique and rugged beach experience in Budva. 

This unusual beach is a rocky promontory with concrete cascades descending into the sea.

There are four saltwater pools here, a restaurant, showers, restrooms, and free parking. 

Ploče Beach is also known as a popular party beach, hosting foam parties and festivals in pools, with lively cocktail bars for a younger crowd. 

Despite its party atmosphere, the beach also caters to families with a secluded area that has children’s saltwater pools and inflatable water castles. 

Admission to this beach is free if you purchase food and drinks. Renting sun loungers here is cheaper than anywhere else in Budva.

Where to Stay Near Ploče Beach

Ploče Beach is isolated, with no accommodation nearby. The best place to stay nearby is at Jaz Beach.

15. Kamenovo Beach

Kamenovo BeachKamenovo Beach

Kamenovo Beach is a 10-minute drive from Budva and is known for its clean sea, pebbly shore, and natural surroundings. It’s also known as one of the top party beaches in Budva, with a popular cocktail bar and beach bars with live DJs.

Awarded a Blue Flag for its water quality and facilities, it has a gentle slope into the Adriatic, suitable for young children, but it also attracts jet skis and speed boats.

Kamenovo Beach’s amenities include affordable sunbed rentals, volleyball nets, fresh water showers, changing rooms, and a children’s playground. 

There’s plenty of parking at Kamenovo Beach, so you can easily drive here. However, you can also walk the 5km along Budva’s seaside promenade to get here.

Where to Stay Near Kamenovo Beach

One of Kamenovo’s attractions is that the surrounding area isn’t full of hotels and apartment buildings. However, that means there are no hotels near Kamenovo Beach. The nearest hotels are in Pržno. 

There is some accommodation in the area though, and Apartments TMV Dragovic has neat, modern self-catering apartments with sea views a 5-minute walk from Kamenovo Beach.

16. Drobni Pijesak Beach

Drobni Pijesak Beach, nestled between Budva and Petrovac on the Montenegrin coast, is one of the top 40 beaches in the world, and with good reason. This 250-meter-long sand and pebble beach has pristine turquoise waters in a wild and natural landscape.

It’s a tranquil oasis in the hustle and bustle of Budva in summer and it’s one of my favorite beaches on the Budva Riviera.

You can rent pairs of sunbeds for about €20 a day and there’s a good onsite beach restaurant called Pura Vida. 

Parking is available for €7 a day, but the descent to the beach is steep. If you’re not a confident driver you may prefer to park on the road and walk down, especially if your rental car is under 1800cc (this is one of the reasons I always recommend hiring a car with at least 1800cc here).

It is a bit of a hike down (and then back up again!) though, so paying for parking is worth it.

Where to Stay Near Drobni Pijesak Beach

Vivid Blue Serenity Resort has immaculate 4-star accommodation with an outdoor pool, spa, and restaurant near Drobni Pijesak Beach.

Harmonia Bungalows and Pool has beautiful self-contained bungalows with sea views and an outdoor pool.

17. Crvena Glavica

Crvena Glavica Beach, BudvaCrvena Glavica Beach, Budva. Image: Deposit Photos

Crvena Glavica Beach is a tiny, wild beach near Drobni Pijesak. Like Drobni Pijesak it has a pebble beach and crystal clear water that’s ideal for snorkeling.

The prices here are higher than at other beaches on the Budva Riviera (€50-€77 for a pair of sun loungers), but it is a beautiful place to beach where you can spend the day relaxing.

18. Perazića Do

Perazića Do, near Petrovac on the Budva Rivera, is an ideal destination for couples and families. The beach is known for its dramatic cliffs, flat entrance to the Adriatic Sea, and stunning sunset views.

You can hire sun loungers for €10, but they're limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. While the beach has a small restaurant, more amenities and accommodation options are available in Petrovac, a few kilometers away.

The only drawback is an unfinished high-rise hotel on the cliffs, which adds an eerie touch to the otherwise beautiful beach.

Perazića Do is a 20-minute walk along a coastal path from Petrovac. You can also drive here and find free parking. From there, there is a staircase down to the beach.

Where to Stay Near Perazića Do Beach

The best place to stay near Perazića Do is in Petrovac. Petrovac has its own stunning beach, and you’ll find a lot of good accommodation options, stores and restaurants.

Hotel AMI Budva Petrovac is a 5* hotel with all the amenities you’d expect, like indoor and outdoor pools, spa and wellness center, and private beach access.

Apartments Almaja Villa offers pet-friendly accommodation with comfortable apartments close to the beach.

Vila Vukotić has modest, but clean and comfortable, budget-friendly apartments near the beach.

Calypso Beach (Kalipso Beach)

Calypso Beach is one of Budva’s hidden beaches. It’s a wild beach that’s perfect if you’re looking for adventure or a secluded escape.

While there are no changing cabins or showers, as it maintains a more natural setting, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas or bring your own. There's also a cafe named Calypso where you can order drinks and snacks.

The beach is covered with large pebbles, so you may want to bring aqua shoes to make walking across the beach more comfortable. There are also two sea caves to explore here.

Calypso Beach is located a few kilometers from Budva towards Jaz Beach and just past Mogren Beach. The reason Calypso Beach isn’t crowded despite being so close to the city center is that the only way to get here is from the sea - by boat, kayak, or SUP. You can rent a kayak or SUP in Budva and paddle over here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Budva Beaches

Does Budva have good beaches?

Yes, Budva has excellent beaches! They're known for their stunning beauty, ranging from lively, popular spots to peaceful, secluded areas. With clear waters and diverse landscapes, Budva's beaches are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the coastal scenery.

Are beaches in Budva free?

Most beaches in Budva are free to access. However, most beaches charge for amenities like sun loungers and umbrellas. You can bring your towel and enjoy the beach for free, however space in these free areas fills up quickly in the peak months of July and August.

Are the beaches in Budva sandy?

Budva's beaches are a mix of sand and pebbles. Some beaches have large pebbles, while others have small pebbles. Some have sandy patches, but none are pure sand. The only purely sandy beach in Budva is Dukley Beach. If you’re looking for sandy beaches in Montenegro, try Blue Horizons, a 30-minute drive from Budva.

Do you need beach shoes in Montenegro?

Yes, it's a good idea to have beach shoes in Montenegro, especially if you visit pebble or rocky beaches. They'll protect your feet from sharp rocks and make it more comfortable to walk and swim. Some beaches are fine without shoes, but it's always better to be prepared.

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