Flights To Montenegro

Finding flights to Montenegro is quick and easy with a total of four international airports to choose from:

  • Tivat Airport
  • Podgorica Airport
  • Dubrovnik Airport
  • Tirana Airport

Montenegro has two of its own international airports – Podgorica in the capital city and Tivat on the coast, in the Bay of Kotor.

You can also fly into Dubrovnik’s international airport, Cilipi, which is just a half hour drive from the Montenegrin border. And at a stretch, if you're staying in the south, Tirana airport in Albania is a 2 hour drive from Montenegro's southern-most town, Ulcinj.

You can read more about all of these airports and get help choosing the right one on my Montenegro Airports page.

Once you've chosen your destination airport, there are lots of ways to find flights to Montenegro. After all these years travelling back and forth between New Zealand and Montenegro, we've got a few go-to ways we use to make sure we get the best deal.

Travel Agents

Although booking online is more and more popular, I always ask our travel agent to look for flights for us. 

As good as the flight search engines have become, nothing can replace a real, live human searching. And the longer your trip is, the truer this is. 

If you're booking direct flights to Montenegro, it's very simple to use one of the booking engines to search flights and be done with it without even leaving your couch. 

But if you're booking your flights to Montenegro from, say New Zealand, and will have a 35-50 hour (yes, you read that right, Kiwis are pretty used to long-haul flights!) trip, a travel agent could save you hours in stopovers and unnecessary flights. 

Online Flight Search Engines

These things are great. A lot of work sometimes, but great. On our last trip we travelled separately and ended up booking one set of tickets with our agent and the other set online. Booking online saved us €400 on what our agent could find!

Even if you're using an agent, checking the online booking engines can save you money and make sure you're getting the best flights. If you find a cheaper fare online or better flight combination, you can ask your agent to better it.

I have a few favourites that we've had success with over the years to share with you. My main criteria are ease of use and the ones that return the best prices obviously!

Kiwi.Com is my first go-to search engine for flights. The first time I used it I was like 'where have you been all my life?!' Why do I think this search engine is so great? Let's see:

  • You can search multiple departure and arrival destinations - at once! That's right, you can search for flights to and from multiple airports in one search and compare the results. No more trying to compare flights across 10 tabs!
  • You can see the fares in the calendar. That means if you're flexible with your dates, you can see the cheapest days to fly directly in the calendar. Again, you don't have to do multiple searches to find the cheapest fares.

These two points alone, make one of the top flight search engines in my experience. Give it a try!

Flight Network

I love, Love, LOVE Flight Network!  You simply must check them for flights if you want the best deal. I've used to find the cheapest days to fly and then checked fares on Flight Network, only to find the same flights even cheaper. Win!

But that's not all. Whenever you book with them you have their Price Drop Protection which means that if the fare get cheaper, you get the difference in credit to spend with them on flight, hotel or vacation bookings. It's a no-brainer!


Skyscanner is my next favourite flight search engine.

  • You can check a box to add nearby airports which automatically brings up results for airports near where you're searching.
  • You can bring up the month view which shows you when fares are lowest. It's not as simple as's, which is built in to the calendar.
  • It has a great range of filters which let you narrow you search by number of stopovers, price, shortest trip and airline.

Try Skyscanner for yourself below.

Booking Buddy

Booking Buddy isn't the easiest to use in my opinion, but it is one of the largest and most comprehensive flight comparison sites around. When you submit your query they gather options from around the net and bring you the best options available. 

Click the image on the right to search for flights to Montenegro.

Cheap Air

Cheap Air is a really good search engine for multi-city international flights. 

They're also known for their great customer service - something you want when you're spending lots of money!


Priceline is a huge search engine for flights, rental cars and accommodation.

You can book your whole trip with Priceline if you want. You can filter your results to get the flights that suit you best.

Priceline is best suited to American travellers because their prices are displayed in US dollars.

Between your local travel agent and the many online options, you'll have no trouble finding good flights to Montenegro. Don't forget to check which airports are the best for you to fly into before you start your search!

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