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Flights to Montenegro: 2024 Airlines and Flights

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Find the best flights to Montenegro with our guide, covering airlines, direct routes, and tips for arriving in Tivat, Podgorica, or Dubrovnik airports.

Searching for flights to Montenegro can feel overwhelming, especially for first-time travelers unsure about which airlines serve its airports.

With over 15 years of experience booking flights to this beautiful country, I understand the confusion and frustration of navigating through countless options.

This post is tailored for you, aiming to simplify your search by listing all airlines and flights to Tivat, Podgorica, and Dubrovnik airports this year.


Flights to Tivat Airport

Flights to Podgorica Airport

Flights to Dubrovnik Airport

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Montenegro

FAQ About Flights to Montenegro

Flights to Tivat Airport

Located just a few kilometers from the center of Tivat, Tivat Airport is the best airport to fly to if you're staying in the Bay of Kotor or Budva Riviera.

As one of Montenegro's two main international airports, Tivat Airport welcomes flights from various European cities, especially during the summer months when travel to Montenegro's sunny beaches and charming coastal towns peaks.

Airlines operating here include both year-round and seasonal carriers. The airport itself is small and easy to navigate. The facilities include a small selection of cafes, shops and car rental services.

Arrival and departure from Tivat is generally quick and easy, although with limited space it can get crowded in summer.

Airlines Flying to Tivat

  • Air Baltic: Riga (1 May - 29 Sep)
  • Air Montenegro: Izmir, Belgrade, Brno, Baku, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Prague (1 Feb - 26 Oct)
  • Air Serbia: Belgrade (daily, all 2024)
  • Arkia: Tel Aviv (18 Apr - 15 Aug)
  • Austrian: Vienna (3 Apr - 26 Oct)
  • EasyJet: Berlin, Bristol, Geneva, London, Manchester (31 Mar - 3 Nov)
  • Edelweiss Air: Zurich (1 Jul - 16 Sep)
  • El Al: Tel Aviv (4 Apr - 14 Oct)
  • Eurowings: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart (27 Apr - 26 Oct)
  • FlyDubai: Dubai (14 Jun - 7 Sep)
  • Jet2: Birmingham, London, Manchester (1 Apr - 28 Oct)
  • Lufthansa: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart (3 Apr - 26 Oct)
  • Luxair: Luxemburg (20 Apr - 5 Oct)
  • Norwegian: Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Riga (24 Apr - 26 Oct)
  • SAS: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm (21 Jun - 24 Aug)
  • Transavia: Paris (7 Apr - 24 Oct)
  • Tui Fly: Brussels (10 May - 27 Sep)
  • Turkish Airlines: Istanbul (daily, all 2024)

Find Flights to Tivat Airport

Flights to Podgorica Airport

Podgorica Airport is the best airport to fly to if you are staying in Central or North Montenegro. It's also a convenient airport for the Budva Riviera, Bar, Ulcinj, and Lake Skadar regions.

Located just 12 kilometers south of Podgorica, this airport handles flights from major cities across Europe, offering both regular and seasonal routes.

A little larger than Tivat, Podgorica is rarely crowded and getting in and out is quick and easy. You'll find a few shops, cafes, and car rental services.

Because it serves the capital city, you'll often find more flight options to Podgorica than to Tivat. Especially outside the summer months.

Airlines Flying to Podgorica

  • Aegean: Athens (all 2024)
  • Air Montenegro: Bratislava, Belgrade, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Lyon, Munich, Nantes, Ostrava, Paris, Rome, Zurich (now - 26 Oct)
  • Air Serbia: Belgrade (daily, all 2024)
  • Austrian: Vienna (daily)
  • Lot Airways: Tallinn, Warsaw (24 Feb - 11 Nov)
  • Pegasus: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, (now - 25 Oct)
  • RyanAir: Berlin, Brussels, Gdansk, Krakow, London, Manchester, Wroclaw, Zagreb (now - 26 Oct)
  • Transavia: Paris (6 Apr - 5 Oct)
  • Turkish Airlines: Istanbul (daily, all 2024)

Find Flights to Podgorica Airport

Flights to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Airport, located in Croatia, is another good option for traveling to Montenegro.

Situated about 20 kilometers from the Montenegro-Croatia border, it offers an alternative route for visitors heading to Montenegro's coastal areas.

This airport handles a wide range of international flights, making it a convenient choice if you're coming from a city that doesn't have direct flights to Montenegro.

If choosing Dubrovnik Airport for your trip to Montenegro, remember that crossing the border between Croatia and Montenegro can take time. There can be lengthy delays at the border crossings. especially in the peaks months of July and August.

Despite the potential wait, using Dubrovnik Airport can be a great option. It gives you the chance to visit top destination, Dubrovnik, and you can often find more connections and cheaper prices than to Montenegro's airports.

Getting to Montenegro from Dubrovnik Airport is also easy.

Airlines Flying to Dubrovnik

  • Aegean: Athens
  • Air Baltic: Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius
  • Air France: Paris
  • Air Lingus: Dublin
  • Air Serbia: Belgrade
  • Austrian: Vienna
  • British Airways: London
  • Croatia Airlines: Frankfurt, Munich, Osijek, Prague, Zagreb, Zurich
  • EasyJet: Amsterdam, Bath, Basel, Berlin, Bristol, Edinburgh, Geneva, London, Lyon, Manchester, Nantes, Naples, Paris, Venice
  • Edelweiss Air: Zurich
  • Eurowings: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart
  • FinnAir: Helsinki
  • FlyDubai: Dubai
  • Jet2: Belfast, Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds Bradford, London, Manchester, Newcastle
  • Iberia: Madrid
  • KLM: Amsterdam
  • Lot Airlines: Warsaw
  • Lufthansa: Munich
  • Luxair: Luxemburg
  • Norwegian: Bergen, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm
  • RyanAir: Bari, Berlin, Dublin, Helsinki, Karlsruhe, Poznan, Rome, Wroclaw
  • SAS: Copenhagen
  • Transavia: Nantes, Paris, Rotterdam
  • Turkish Airlines: Istanbul
  • Volotea: Athens, Bari, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse
  • Vueling: Barcelona, Rome
  • United: New York
  • WizzAir: Warsaw

Find Flights to Dubrovnik Airport

Tips For Finding Cheap Flights to Montenegro

Fly in and Out of Different Airports

One of the tricks that's helped me save money on flights to Montenegro is flying in and out of different airports.

For example, I took a trip to Paris and flew out of Tivat Airport and back into Dubrovnik Airport. Both flights were with Transavia, but flying into Dubrovnik was much cheaper than the return flight to Tivat on the same day.

This can also help if you can't find flights on the specific days you want. For example, if you find a good price on a flight to Tivat but can only spend 5 days in Montenegro and can't find a flight out of Tivat on the day you need, you can look at departures from Podgorica and Dubrovnik instead.

You'll need to take car hire and transfers into consideration here, but it can be worth it. Hiring a car in Montenegro and dropping it in Croatia is usually very expensive (over €350), so it's better to leave the car in Montenegro and get a transfer to Dubrovnik.

Online Flight Search Engines

Online flight search engines can save you a lot of money, although you have to be prepared to do the work yourself. On our last trip, booking online saved us €400 on what our agent could find!

I also use online flight search engines to look for more convenient flights, for example, with shorter layovers. If you find a cheaper fare online or better flight combination, you can ask your agent to better it.

My favorite online flight search engine is WayAway (you can read my review here). It's saved me hundreds on flights and it's now my #1 go to for booking flights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flights to Montenegro

What airlines fly to Montenegro?

Airlines such as Montenegro Airlines, Ryanair, EasyJet, and Lufthansa offer flights to Montenegro, connecting to Tivat and Podgorica airports from various European cities.

Are there direct flights to Montenegro?

Direct flights to Montenegro are available from several European cities. However, from continents like North America or Asia, you'll likely have a layover in Europe.

What is the best way to get to Montenegro?

The best way to get to Montenegro depends on your starting location. Flying into Podgorica or Tivat airports via European cities is the most common route for international travelers.

What cities fly direct to Montenegro?

Cities like London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Moscow offer direct flights to Montenegro, landing in either Podgorica or Tivat airports.

Where is the cheapest place to fly into Montenegro?

Podgorica Airport often has the cheapest flights due to more frequent service and a higher number of budget airlines operating there compared to Tivat.

What is the best airport to fly into Montenegro?

Podgorica Airport is best for its central location and accessibility to both the coast and the capital. Tivat is ideal for direct access to the Adriatic coast.

How do I get to Montenegro from Canada?

From Canada, you can fly to Montenegro with airlines like Lufthansa, Air Canada, and British Airways, typically with a layover in a major European hub before reaching Podgorica or Tivat.

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