Lake Skadar Kayaking: Beauty, Tranquility and Fun!

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Pavlova Strana, Lake Skadar, MontenegroLake Skadar's most famous view: Pavlova Strana.

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Lake Skadar kayaking is a fantastic way to explore one of  the most beautiful places in a country fair bursting with natural beauty.

Skadar Lake is one of Europe's most important sanctuaries for birds, especially migratory birds. And this is just one of the reasons the national park has become a major attraction for tourists to Montenegro.

Of course when you visit, getting out on the lake is must-do. You can do this on a boat trip or by kayak.

Let me tell you about kayaking on the lake...

There's nothing like gliding across the calm waters, spying on rare birds as they go about their daily routines. The tranquil lake is like another world where time stops. 

Lake Skadar is home to hundreds of bird species, many of them rare and endangered. Kayaking on the lake allows you to explore tiny lilypad lined alleys and watch the native wildlife without scaring it away. 

Along the way you'll be able to jump out and swim, enjoy freshwater beaches and discover the history of the lake.

You have two choices for Lake Skadar kayaking:

  1. Book a guided tour
  2. Hire kayaks and explore on your own

Lake Skadar Kayaking Guided Tours

These Lake Skadar kayaking tours will take you to see some of Montenegro's most spectacular natural and cultural sights. The lake is a big place and the tours take you to places you would never find on your own. That's why I recommend booking a tour if you're interested in seeing any of these sights. 

There are five guided kayaking tours to choose from and they're all guided by a qualified kayak coach and Skadar Lake resident who knows the lake like the back of his hand.

Island Prison and Secluded Beach Kayak Tour

This tour is a return paddle from the lily pads and rushes of Virpazar to the old island prison of Grmozur and then to secluded Pjesacac beach. Bring your own lunch and your sense of adventure! More experienced paddlers can choose to extend the trip to the tiny lakeside settlement of Radus, where a lunch of fresh lake fish can be prepared.

Tour Details

Difficulty: Standard tour: Easy 
                  Extended tour: Moderate 
Duration: Standard tour: 4 hours
                  Extended tour: 5-6 hours
Start time: Flexible
Start point: Virpazar
Tour day: Wednesdays

Standard tour:
30 per person for groups of 4 or more
45 per person for groups of less than 4

Extended tour:
35 per person for groups of 4 or more
50 per person for groups of less than 4

Island Monasteries Kayak Tour

Get the safari feel kayaking along Lake Skadar's southern shores on a circular trip to visit two of the lake's unique 14th Century island monasteries under the gaze of Albania's spectacular Accursed Mountains (Prokletije). With a bit of R&R at nearby Murici freshwater beach and several great swimming spots on the way, the tour is perfect for all abilities.

Tour Details 

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 4 hours
Start time: Flexible
Start point: Virpazar. Transport from there is included
Tour day: Fridays
Pricing: 50 per person for groups of 4 or more
              €65 per person for groups of less than 4

Lake Skadar Delta Kayak Tour

This Lake Skadar kayaking tour is a circular paddle from Vranjina through the renowned bird reserves of Manastirska Tapija. You'll circumnavigate the island of Vranjina via its picturesque river channels before visiting the Saint Nicholas (Sveti Nikola) monastery and returning to Vranjina via the Moraca Delta. May/September paddlers will want to bring binoculars for the outstanding bird life!

Tour Details

Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: This tour takes 4-5 hours
Start time: Flexible
Start point: Vranjina
Tour day: Wednesdays
Pricing: €40 per person for groups of 4 or more
              €55 per person for groups of less than 4

Book A Lake Skadar Kayaking Tour

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Kayak Rental

Lake Skadar Kayak Rental from Virpazar

If you'd like to explore Lake Skadar on your own, you can hire kayaks in Virpazar. From here it's easy to head out into the main area of the lake and explore the waterways on your own.

You'll be able to kayak around old stone forts, relax on freshwater beaches and look out for birds.

There's a choice of double and single kayaks available, so they're ideal for families with children who are too small to paddle on their own. All rentals come with safety equipment like life vests.


Single kayaks: 6 per hour or €20 per day.
Double kayaks: 
€8 per hour or €30 per day.

Book Self-Guided Kayak Rental from Virpazar

If you'd like to hire a kayak on Skadar Lake, just fill in the form below. I recommend booking as early as you can because demand can get very high in the summer months.

Skadar Lake Kayak Hire

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When to Kayak on Skadar Lake

The best time for Lake Skadar kayaking is between April and November. This is when the weather will be warmest. 

May and September are ideal times to do some bird-watching. Spring is breeding season and you'll be sure to see lots of activity and mating rituals out on the lake. 

High summer (July and August) is when the water temperatures are warmest. The lake gets very warm in summer (and through September) and hovers around 26 C / 79 F.

Local's Tip: Whenever you enter Skadar Lake National Park ie. go out on the water, you'll need to pay a €2 per person entrance fee at the booth in Virpazar. This is in addition to the price of your tour or kayak rental.

What to Bring

No matter what time of year you're kayaking on the lake, you'll need to bring some basic things. This is my list of recommended items:

Things you'll Need:

  • Spare change of clothes - you're bound to get wet!
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks and water
  • Camera
  • Towel

Optional Extras:

Whether you choose Lake Skadar kayaking or a boat trip, I promise you won't regret a day out on Skadar Lake under the Montenegrin sun!

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