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Lake Skadar Bike Trails

The Lake Skadar bike trails that criss-cross around the lake are a little-known secret of Lake Skadar. When you mention the lake most people think of taking a boat cruise on the lake, but don't realise there's also a lot on land to discover!

The Lake Skadar bike trails take you through some of Montenegro’s most beautiful scenery. If you’re longing to experience Montenegro’s famed ‘wild beauty’ this is the ideal place to find it.

Have a look at this short video to see what I mean...

If you’re looking for somewhere you can do lots of outdoor activities, you should definitely consider Lake Skadar. And if you’d like to spend two weeks in Montenegro, one on the coast and one at Lake Skadar is ideal. You can find out about a holidays on Lake Skadar here.

You might wonder if there’s enough to keep you entertained at Lake Skadar… rest assured there is. The main town (Virpazar) is small, but between boat excursions, kayaking, hiking, biking and swimming, it’s an outdoor-lover’s dream. I’ve had so much great feedback from families who’ve spent a week here – the children have absolutely loved exploring the countryside and lake!

Click here to find out about all things there are to do on Lake Skadar.

One of the great activities you can get into is exploring the Lake Skadar bike trails. There are six trails to choose from. And there’s one to suit everyone – from beginners to advanced riders.

Skadar Lake Bike Tours

Self-Guided Cycling and Slow Food Tasting Tour from Podgorica

Skadar Lake is where you'll find the true essence of Montenegro. The lake has always been an important place for Montenegro history and culture. This relatively undiscovered destination is the perfect place to explore some of Montenegro's most beautiful scenery and authentic cuisine. 

You can book a self-guided cycling tour with a visit to a local farm to try local specialities.

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Skadar Lake Bike Trails

Rijeka Crnojevica – Virpazar-Ckla

Trail Details

Length: 65km
Highest climb: 470m
Trail: asphalt
Physical difficulty: 4
Technical difficulty: 2
Trail open: year round

Trail Description

This trail starts in Rijeka Crnojevica and then gently climbs through the beautiful landscape until you reach the village of Cukovici. You can stop here and walk along a rocky footpath to Poseljani mills, an old village and the site of a set of old mills. In the village you’ll see a cascading creek with several natural pools, old stone bridges and the remains of the mills. This was once a thriving village but is now another pretty, abandoned stone village.

From here you follow the trail to Komarno and then on to Virpazar, the main town on the lake. You’ll continue along the lakeside under Mount Rumija as you climb and descend the hills. Once you reach Donji Murici you can stop again and jump in a boat with a local fisherman to the island monasteries of Starcevo, Beska and Moracnik.

You then bike through ancient chestnut forests before arriving at your final destination in Ckla. 

Rijeka Crnojevica – Karuc

Trail Details

Length: 9.5km
Highest climb: 180m
Trail: asphalt
Physical difficulty: 2
Technical difficulty: 1
Trail open: year round

Trail Description

This trail is shorter and ideal for families. Along the trail you’ll see some of the most magnificent scenery in Montenegro. You’ll want to stop often along this trail to admire the view and take pictures. Your final destination is Karuc, a traditional village of stone houses on the lake shore. When you get there you take a swim in the lake and grab some refreshments at the restaurant in the village before returning to Rijeka Crnojevica the same way you came.

 Virpazar – Crmnicko Polje – Virpazar

Trail Details

Length: 17.5km
Highest climb: 260m
Trail: asphalt and gravel (300m gravel)
Physical difficulty: 2
Technical difficulty: 1
Trail open: all year

Trail Description

This beautiful and gentle ride takes you around the perimeter of Crmnicko polje, Montenegro’s premier wine-grape growing region.  Along the trail you’ll enjoy beautiful countryside and stunning vistas stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Locals Tip: look out for wild blackberry thickets along the trail in summer! You can stop to pick the berries and enjoy an organic snack on the route. 

Virpazar – Limljani – Boljevici – Virpazar

Trail Details

Length: 20km
Highest climb: 375m
Trail: asphalt
Physical difficulty: 3
Technical difficulty: 1
Trail open: year round

Trail Description

This circular trail takes you around the perimeter of Crmnicko Polje. From Virpazar you head right and begin the climb up Mount Rumija. The trail takes you past Besac Fortress which was built by the Ottoman Turks in the 15th century. This is the ideal place to stop and explore the fortress ruins which have been partially restored. From here you’ll get a great view of Crmnicko Polje.

At the Limljani intersection, which is the highest point on the trail, the route turns off the road to Rumija and down onto a paved road into the village of Limljani. Then you continue around the edge of Crmnicko Polje, through the village of Boljevici and back to Virpazar.

Virpazar – Sutorman – Bar

Trail Details

Length: 34km
Highest climb: 730m
Trail: asphalt and gravel
Physical difficulty: 6
Technical difficulty: 2
Trail open: year round

Trail Description

This is one of the most interesting Lake Skadar bike trails. From Virpazar the trail winds east along the road following the lake. It then passes Maricina Voda and continues through hilly, forested landscape until it comes to the Chira Sutor intersection.

This is the route the beloved Yugoslav train ‘Ciro’ used to follow. The railroad was removed long ago and the trail has become an excellent bike trail. Following the old rail trail you’ll come to a 1.3km long tunnel and you’ll need a light or headlamp for this section because there’s no lighting inside.

Outside the tunnel, the trail joins up again with main route to Bar. It then meanders through beautiful scenery and there are multiple springs alongside the trail. You can stop and visit Ribnjak Monastery, before biking across the top of Bar. When you pass through the village of Zupci, stop at the Church of St. Ivana before descending into the town of Bar. 

Mountain Bike Trail Dodosi – Zabljak Crnojevica

Trail Details

Length: 10km
Highest climb: 10m
Trail: asphalt, gravel and dirt
Physical difficulty: 4
Technical difficulty: 2
Trail open: from late spring to late autumn. Not suitable after heavy rain.

Trail Description

This Lake Skadar bike trail is only open during summer months because during winter the lake levels rise so much this field gets flooded. But it’s a lovely ride through untouched nature. The route isn’t technically challenging, so it’s suitable for recreational riders.

The route starts in the village of Dodosi and then goes through a swampy area that’s crisscrossed by rivers: Karatuna, Mala Moraca and Segrtnica. As you pass over the Moraca you’ll get beautiful views of the old city walls of Zabljak Crnojevica before you arrive in the town.

Lake Skadar Bike Hire

You can hire mountain bikes at Outdoor and More in Virpazar and get free maps for the Lake Skadar bike trails with your rental. The rentals also come with helmets, spare tires, tire pumps and tools. 

These are also great for getting around when you're staying in or around Virpazar. The busy main road to Podgorica can be dangerous for cyclists, but you can explore the roads around the lake and find your own favourite swimming spots!

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