Canyoning In Montenegro

If you’re an adventure or extreme-sport lover, you’ll definitely be interested in canyoning in Montenegro. It’s a thrilling experience that’s guaranteed to challenge you. At the same time, you’ll be exploring some of Montenegro’s most impressive scenery and national parks.

When you go canyoning you start at one point of the canyon and work your way to another. Along the way you'll climb, swim, hike, jump and abseil (rappel) your way through. You might have to squeeze your way through a narrow crevice or swim under a rock ledge to the other side.

Once you're in, there's only one way out. It's a great mental and physical challenge for even the most adventurous. 

Check out this great video of Nevidio Canyon to see how amazing it is!

You can book tours to any of the five canyons that offer canyoning. They’re dotted around the country, but all of the tours can be done in day trips.

The tours range from mildly challenging to very challenging. The easiest tour caters to children 8 and up, so this would be a great family activity to build your kids’ outdoor skills and self-confidence.

Some of the tours include transport from your accommodation and some have a meeting point close to the canyon. Some of the tours also include meals, snacks, drinks and photos.

Are you ready to find out how you can go canyoning in Montenegro? Let's go!

There are five canyons where you can try canyoning in Montenegro:

  • Nevidio: the most popular canyon, 3-5 hours of canyoning.
  • Skurda: close to Kotor, 2 hours of canyoning.
  • Sopot: close to Herceg Novi, almost 5 hours of canyoning.
  • Medjurecje: close to Bar, 6 hours of canyoning.
  • Rikavac: close to Bar, 3 hours of canyoning, good for families.

Some are more challenging than others, so read the following descriptions carefully to find out which one is for you. 

Nevidio Canyon

Nevidio Canyon is an hour from Niksic towards Durmitor National Park. Nevidio Canyon means 'The Unseen Canyon' and it wasn't until 1965 that a team of Montenegrin Mountaineers managed to explore the canyon.

Nevidio is the most popular location for canyoning in Montenegro and in addition to the canyoning, you'll be treated to some stunning scenery as you travel up to the start point.

Tours here cover about 2km of the canyon and there's lots of swimming, climbing and jumping involved. The actual canyoning tours take anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on the size and ability of a group. 

All of the tours include snacks, water and a Montenegrin lunch at the end of the canyoning tour. Some of them also include transfers, breakfast and a dvd of photos and video. I like the ones with photos included because unless you have a Go Pro, you'll find it difficult to take your own photos or video. Be sure to check the inclusions before you book so you know what's included with your tour. 

Self-drive Nevidio Canyon Tour

Canyoning in Montenegro

This tour is ideal for you if you want to drive yourself to the canyon or you're planning to be staying nearby (eg. in Zabljak).

You'll spend 3-5 hours working your way through the canyon and then enjoy a well-earned Montenegrin lunch with the group. 

Tour Details

Start point: Poscenje Village/Savnik
Start time: 9am or 10am
Duration: 3-5 hours (depending on group size)
What's included: Lunch, snacks, 3-5 hours guided canyoning, all canyoning equipment.
Price: From €100 per person

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Location of Nevidio Canyon

Skurda Canyon

Skurda canyon Tour from Kotor, Tivat or Budva

Montenegro toursAbseiling in Skurda Canyon

This tour starts in Kotor (with pick ups from Tivat and Budva available) and and takes around 6 hours in total.

The tour starts with an hour's hike to the start point before you spend around 2 hours descending through the canyon with ropes. Skurda is a dry canyon, so there's no swimming.

Tour Details

Start point: Kotor, Tivat or Budva
Start time: Flexible
Duration: 6 hours 
What's included: Guided canyoning tour, all canyoning equipment.
Price: From €80 per person

Read More: Skurda Canyon Tour

Sopot Canyon

Sopot Canyon Tour From Herceg Novi

Sopot Canyon is Montenegro's best-kept canyoning secret.  This is a bit of a secret spot and if you do this tour you'll probably have the canyon all to yourself. 

This tour is almost 5 hours of hiking, swimming and rappelling, so it's for people who are reasonably fit with no injuries. On the tour you'll rappel down waterfalls anywhere from 15-65m high. 

Start point: Herceg Novi. Return transfers from your accommodation are available on request.
Start time: 9am
Duration: 5 hours 
What's included: Guided canyoning tour, all canyoning equipment, transfers from Herceg Novi, snacks.
Age limit: 16 years and over, under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.
Price: €115 per person

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Medjurecje Canyon

Medjurecje Canyon Tour From Bar

For those who want a real challenge and a full-on canyoning experience, the lesser known Medjurecje Canyon offers a canyoning experience that's not for the faint of heart. 

Located near Bar, on the southern coast of Montenegro, this canyon is one of the most remote in the country. In addition to hiking and swimming through the canyon, you'll abseil, jump and slide your way through the canyon.

Tour Details

Start point: Bar. Return transfers from your accommodation are available on request.
Start time: 9am
Duration: 6 hours 
What's included: Guided canyoning tour, all canyoning equipment, transfers from Bar, snacks.
Age limit: 16 years and over, under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.
Price: €115 per person (minimum of 2 required)

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Rikavac Canyon

Rikavac Canyon Tour from Bar

This tour is ideal for families wanting to go canyoning in Montenegro. The tour is not as challenging as other canyons in Montenegro and is suitable for kids as young as 8. 

The tour takes you through Rikavac Canyon near Bar. The route includes several jumps and 'water slides' into natural pools and opportunities to rappel waterfalls up to 10m high. 

If you're looking for a family activity or you want a less extreme experience, this is a great 'taster' of the canyoning experience. It's challenging enough to be exciting, but easy enough to be great fun. 

Tour Details 

Start point: Bar. Return transfers from your accommodation are available on request.
Start time: 10am
Duration: 3 hours 
What's included: Guided canyoning tour, all canyoning equipment, transfers from Bar, snacks.
Age limit: 8 years and over, participants under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Price: €70 per person (minimum of 4 required)

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What You'll Need To Bring on a Canyoning Tour

  • Swimwear and towel
  • Warm, dry clothes
  • Footwear for the tour - eg. trainers you don't mind getting wet (some tours only)
  • Camera (if water resistant). A Go Pro is the ideal camera for this kind of activity
  • Cash for optional extras

Important Information For All Canyoning in Montenegro

Canyoning is a risky sport. All canyoning tour guides take safety very seriously and will not take anyone who they suspect is under the influence of alcohol or not fit to complete the tour.

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To book the Sopot, Medjurecje or Rikavac canyoning tours, just pop your details in the form below. If you want to book Nevidio or Skurda, please click the links below:

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  • Skurda - click the link to book

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