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Herceg Novi Beaches: 11 Best Swimming Spots (Local's Guide)

Herceg Novi beaches are the best beaches in the Bay of Kotor. 

With sea temperatures ranging between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius (71.6 - 78.8 Fahrenheit) during the summer and a swimming season that lasts up to five months, Herceg Novi is the ideal place to hit the beach.

Most beaches in Herceg Novi have loungers with some free space. You can expect to pay around €8-10 for a pair of loungers and a sun umbrella, which is much cheaper than the €20-30 charged on Kotor beaches.

The free spaces fill up quickly in high season (July and August), so if you want to avoid paying for loungers, try to arrive early in the morning.

I’ve spent 15 years exploring Herceg Novi’s best beaches. In this article, I uncover the best of Herceg Novi's beaches, from secret escapes to the most vibrant beachside spots.

Whether you're after a secluded spot or a lively beach experience, Herceg Novi has it all.

Best Herceg Novi Beaches

1. Žalo Beach / Herceg Novi Beach

Žalo Beach / Herceg Novi BeachŽalo Beach / Herceg Novi Beach

Žalo Beach is located in the center of Herceg Novi, right beside the marina below Herceg Novi Old Town. 

This beach is close to several historical landmarks, including the monument to King Tvrtko, the city cannon, and the Forte Mare fortress. 

Most of the beach is covered with loungers that you can rent for the day. You can also hire kayaks or take a kayak tour.

Žalo Beach is near the Pet Danica promenade and has many excellent restaurants nearby. Try Konoba Feral and Konoba Škver for seafood, and Konoba Tri Lipe for traditional Balkan grilled meat dishes. 

By the marina, Do-Do serves some of the best ice cream in Herceg Novi. They even treated my dog to a cone once!

2. Plaža Boka

On the other side of Herceg Novi marina from Žalo Beach, Plaža Boka (known as Baby Beach to locals) is a hidden gem!

Hidden just below the Pet Danica Promenade with a backdrop of pine forest, this small stretch of fine pebble and sand beach is idyllic.

Like Žalo Beach, there are lots of restaurants and cafes nearby, making it an excellent spot to spend the day.

3. Savina Beach

Savina Beach, Herceg NoviSavina Beach, Herceg Novi

Savina in Herceg Novi has several small and intimate beaches, perfect for a peaceful day by the sea. 

These beaches are a mix of sand and small pebbles and are ideal for kids. You can hire loungers or use the free area and Hotel Perla’s restaurant is a great spot for lunch.

Keep in mind, that Savina is a residential area, so finding parking can be tricky.

However, staying in Savina is a great choice if you're looking for a quiet spot in Herceg Novi with access to lovely beaches. Hotel Perla is right on the beach and has a great restaurant.

Savina Beach, Herceg NoviSavina Beach by Hotel Perla, Herceg Novi

One of my favorite things about going to the beach in Montenegro is the beach donuts.

People walk along the beaches selling donuts and fill them with either Nutella or jam in front of you. Typically, a huge, fresh donut only costs €1!

Montenegro beach donutsDonuts on the beach in Herceg Novi

4. Lalovina Beach

Lalovina Beach in Herceg Novi is a public pebble beach tucked away in a small cove, surrounded by trees. It feels like a secret escape! 

Here, you can rent loungers and umbrellas for a reasonable. If you're up for some activity, stand-up paddle boards are available for hire. 

The beach has a terrace where you can order drinks, and the cafe staff can help you get food like burgers, salads, and pizza delivered right to the beach from a nearby cafe. 

Keep in mind, that there are no showers or changing areas at Lalovina, but you can find them at the next beach over. 

Parking is limited here and the small beach gets busy in summer, so it's best to arrive before 10 am to secure a spot.

5. Igalo Beach

Igalo BeachIgalo. Image: Deposit Photos

Igalo Beach in front of Tito’s Villa is a long stretch of sandy shore, famous for its healing mud. 

This beach is a favorite among families, thanks to its sandy, shallow waters that are perfect for children. Between Tito’s Villa and the beach, there’s a large park which is ideal for picnics and sunbathing.

You'll find plenty of restaurants nearby, offering a variety of dining options. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for comfort, or choose a free area if you prefer. You can also hire paddle boats.

Its combination of therapeutic mud, sandy shores, and family-friendly atmosphere makes Igalo Beach one of Herceg Novi’s most popular beaches.

The best place to stay in Igalo is the Palmon Bay Hotel and Spa. The hotel has a pool and beach for hotel guests and there are dozens of restaurants within walking distance.

Igalo BeachIgalo Beach was our favorite when my son was small

6. Portonovi Beach Club

Portonovi Beach ClubPortonovi Beach Club. Image: Portonovi

Portonovi Beach Club, located in the upscale Portonovi marina and residence complex in Herceg Novi, offers an exclusive beach experience. 

This high-end club features a golden sand beach, perfect for a luxurious day by the sea. 

If you're a fan of Asian fusion cuisine, the club's Rock Fish Restaurant serves exquisite dishes that cater to refined tastes. 

Portonovi Beach Club is the go-to destination if you’re looking for a luxurious beach experience and exceptional dining in Herceg Novi.

If you’re looking for a luxurious beachside stay in Montenegro, Portonovi is home to Europe’s only One&Only Resort. This luxurious 5-star resort has a private beach for guests and you can even hire villas with a private beach!

For a sweet treat, don't miss visiting Godo in Portonovi, renowned for serving some of the best ice cream in Montenegro!

Godo ice cream, PortonoviGodo ice cream in Portonovi

7. Bocasa Beach

Bocasa BeachBocasa Beach

Bocasa Beach, part of Hotel Casa del Mare - Mediterraneo, is a relaxed destination just outside the main beaches of Herceg Novi. 

Here, you can rent loungers and umbrellas for a comfortable day by the sea. 

The beach has an excellent onsite restaurant known for its fantastic wood-fired pizza. Don't miss trying the olive cake, an unusual and special treat that features the flavors of the Bay of Kotor.

This is one of my favorite places to meet up with friends for cake and cocktails!

Bocasa Beach is located in the narrow Verige Strait, making it an ideal spot to watch boats and huge cruise ships sail by. The water gets deep quickly in this part of the bay, so it’s not ideal for small children.

Bocasa Beach is a great choice if you're looking for a relaxing beach day and excellent food.

8. People’s Beach

People's Beach in Herceg Novi is a lively spot, perfect if you're looking for a beach with a party atmosphere. 

This is a large pebble beach, known for its vibrant beach bar and an onsite restaurant serving basic meals. 

By day, it's a bustling beach where you can rent loungers or find a free space to relax. As the sun sets, People's Beach transforms into a nightclub, complete with music and a party vibe. 

This beach is especially popular with younger crowds looking for fun and entertainment.

9. Žanjice Beach

Zanjic Beach, MontenegroŽanjice Beach. Image: Deposit Photos

Žanjice Beach, situated on the Luštica Peninsula just outside the Bay of Kotor, is a popular summer destination near Herceg Novi. 

This pebble beach boasts crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming and snorkeling, in natural surroundings. 

The beach offers facilities sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent. You’ll also find a variety of restaurants included upscale Ribarsko Selo which specializes in fresh-caught seafood.

To get there, you can take a boat from Herceg Novi marina, with prices ranging from €10-20 for a day trip to Žanjice Beach.

Alternatively, you can hire a private boat for a tour that includes the stunning Blue Cave and a relaxing day at Žanjice Beach.

10. Mirište Beach

Miriste, MontenegroMirište

Mirište Beach is a peaceful pebble beach close to Žanjice Beach, near Herceg Novi. 

It's known for its clear waters which are great for snorkeling. We love to anchor the boat here and dive for sea urchin shells and octopuses.

Things to do here include swimming to the nearby island church, Gospa od Mirišta and exploring Arza Fortress. 

There's also a small restaurant right on the beach where you can try local food like grilled calamari and roast meat.

The easiest way to get to Mirište Beach is by hiring a boat from Herceg Novi.

11. Rose Beach

Rose, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

We love to zip over to Rose in the boat for brunch and a swim. The relaxed fishing village atmosphere makes it a great place to relax in the height of summer.

Although the center of Rose has a concrete waterfront rather than a beach, you can walk over to Plaža Rose 2, a fine pebble beach that's free to use. Forte Rose also has a beach for guests.

Rose also has many good restaurants. My favorites are Adriatic on the seafront and Forte Rose just above the village. 

To get to Rose Beach, take the Vega boat taxi from Herceg Novi Marina. It costs €7 for a return ticket, providing an easy and affordable way to reach this charming destination.

Things to Bring to Herceg Novi Beaches

  • Water shoes - Herceg Novi beaches are often pebbly and a pair of good watershoes can make getting in and out of the water much more comfortable
  • Snorkel and mask - Herceg Novi beaches, especially the beaches on Luštica Peninsula, have incredibly clear water. Bring a snorkel and mask to look for colorful sea urchin shells, sea stars, fish, and even octopuses!
  • Sun umbrella - if you don’t plan to rent sun loungers and umbrellas, bring your own sun umbrella. It can get very hot in summer and shade is a must. You can buy umbrellas at beachside stands, small homewares stores, and supermarkets 
  • Inflatable cushion or beach mat - these make beach time more comfortable on pebbly beaches. You can pick them up at beachside stands, small homewares stores, and supermarkets

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