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16 Best Things to Do in Tivat, Montenegro

Discover the best things to see and do in Tivat Montenegro. You’ll find everything you need for your stay in this Tivat travel guide including the best attractions, beaches, and outdoor activities.

You’ll also find out about the best places to stay, places to eat, and day trip ideas.

Having worked and visited friends in Tivat for years, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring this pretty seaside town. I love its unique blend of relaxed coastal town and upscale, modern Mediterranean vibe.

Read on for the best things to do in Tivat.


Best Things to Do in Tivat

Where to Stay in Tivat

Top Restaurants in Tivat

Getting to Tivat

Frequently Asked Questions About Tivat

Best Things to Do in Tivat

1. Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro Jetty OnePorto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro, Tivat is the only platinum-rated marina in the world and one of the most popular destinations in the Bay of Kotor.

My husband and I worked in this marina for years and I never get tired of coming here to admire the yachts and eat in the restaurants.

The marina lies next to the city center and is like an extension of the town. The marina is full of yachts and taking a stroll along the jetties will give you a peek at some of the most expensive and luxurious yachts in the world.

Jetty One is reserved for the biggest yachts and is easily identifiable by the giant red- and white-painted crane, a tribute to the site's past as a shipyard.

You'll also find a selection of high-end stores and a variety of restaurants in Porto Montenegro village. 

Al Posto Giusto and One offer casual waterside meals, while the Regent Porto Montenegro's Murano offers five star dining. The Clubhouse is a favorite meeting place for foreigners to have a few drinks.

With its central location and beautiful surroundings, Porto Montenegro is also a great place to stay in Tivat. The Regent Porto Montenegro is a stunning five star hotel overlooking the marina, and you can also rent apartments in the village

Porto Montenegro is known for putting on events like fashion shows, Christmas markets, sailing regattas, and concerts.

You can check their calendar of events for your stay here.

2. Maritime Heritage Museum

The naval heritage museum in Porto Montenegro is well worth visiting while you're there. 

Porto Montenegro used to be called the Arsenal, one of the largest naval bases on the Adriatic, founded by the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1889. The museum now houses over 300 exhibits of the area's naval history. 

There's even a restored Yugoslav submarine on site. The P-821 Hero was launched in 1967 and during its 23 year career sailed 46, 659 nautical miles, submersed 901 times and spent 726 days at sea. 

One of the best playgrounds for young kids in Tivat is right next to the Naval Heritage Museum. The other is in Magnolia Square. This one is a bit out of the way so it's not as busy as the one in Magnolia Square and it's great for little ones from 2 years up. 

If it's hot, save this one for early in the morning or in the evening because it's not shaded. The Magnolia Square playground is always under cover. 

3. Pine Waterfront

Pine waterfront in Tivat, MontenegroPine waterfront in Tivat, Montenegro

When you visit Tivat, don't miss the Pine waterfront, a favorite spot for both locals and tourists. This scenic waterfront is full of outdoor cafes where you can sip your favorite drink while watching the sunset. 

From here, daily boat trips set sail, offering you a chance to visit attractions like the Blue Cave and Our Lady of the Rocks.

Here are some great boat tours you can do from Tivat:

Keep an eye out for the beautiful sailing boat Jadran, often moored at Pine. This impressive vessel isn't just for show; it's used by the marine school for training. Built in 1930, this ship has traveled more than 40,000 nautical miles and visited nearly every port in Europe!

Pine in Tivat and Porto MontenegroPorto Montenegro from Pine

4. Tivat Promenade

Tivat has a long promenade which takes you all they way from the town marina to the ferry in Lepetane. This is a great place for a scenic stroll. 

I recommend starting on the waterfront, walking through Porto Montenegro and along the promenade until the road meets up with the main Adriatic highway in Donja Lastva. 

This path will take you through Seljanovo and Donja Lastva. Donja Lastva is particularly scenic with old stone buildings and Sveti Roko church.

There are plenty of places to stop for a drink or snack along the way. Hotel Carrubba has a particularly nice waterfront terrace where they serve drinks and meals.

Donja Lastva is a great place to stay if you're looking for budget-friendly accommodation by the sea. Apartments Villa Jelena has very beautiful seaside apartments and a private beach at much cheaper prices than in Tivat center.

5. SUP and Kayak

Tivat: What to See and Do in the Home of Flip-Flop LuxuryStand-up Paddling in Tivat Bay

Tivat Bay's sheltered waters are the perfect place to enjoy water sports. The shape of the bay protects Tivat from swells from the Adriatic Sea, so the sea is always calm here.

There are also three islands in Tivat Bay: the Island of Flowers, St Marko, Island church of Our Lady of Mercy, and Solila Nature Reserve, which make Tivat Bay an excellent place to explore.

Stand up paddle boarding is a fun way to explore Tivat Bay. It's easy to learn and you can stop to swim whenever you like. You can hire stand up paddle boards or combine stand up paddling with a cycling on the self-guided Kotor and Tivat by SUP and Cycle tour.

Although it takes place outside of Tivat, the popular Blue Cave Kayak and Snorkel Adventure departs from Tivat and is a great way to see the Blue Cave.

6. Boating and Yachting

Tivat: What to See and Do in the Home of Flip-Flop LuxuryBoka Bay Day Cruise

There is a range of skippered and bareback boats available for hire from Tivat. You can hire a boat for a few hours through to your entire stay.

Whip around the Bay of Kotor and see all the sights in the most fun way to travel!

You can also join the popular Boka Bay Day Cruise which is one of the most fun and relaxing ways to experience the Bay of Kotor. The tour takes you to two of the bay's top attractions: Our Lady of the Rocks and the Blue Cave and you have ample time to swim in the bay's warm, clear waters.

7. Biking

Tivat: What to See and Do in the Home of Flip-Flop Luxury"See Everything" Giant E-Bike Tour

Tivat is close to the Bay of Kotor's most famous road - the Serpentine Road. The road that leads from the Bay of Kotor to Lovćen National Park has 25 switchbacks and offers stunning views of the Bay.

The Epic 25 Turns Bike Descent with Best Views of Kotor Bay tour is a popular bike tour that takes you from the top of the Serpentine Road down into Kotor. Another popular bike tour, The "See Everything" Giant E-Bike Tour, offers a guided tour around the Bay of Kotor and up to Goražda Fortress, an abandoned Austro-Hungarian fortress that overlooks the whole Bay of Kotor (read more about Goražda below).

8. Golf and Archery

In Radanovići, on Luštica Peninsula, the Luštica Bay development has a golf driving range and also offers archery. You can make bookings at their sales office next to Hotel Pine in on the waterfront in Tivat.

9. Buća Gallery

In the center of town, you can't miss the old stone walls and tower of the Buća Gallery. This building was the summer residence of a noble family from Kotor called Buća.

The building was built in the 15th century and now serves as Tivat Museum. The complex includes the palace, a chapel, a tower, and a garden surrounded by high stone walls.

Inside you'll find ethnographic exhibitions showing the lifestyle and culture of the Bay of Kotor and Tivat.

Exhibitions inside the former residential building show art from contemporary local artists.

10. Goražda Fortress

Tivat: What to See and Do in the Home of Flip-Flop LuxuryGorazda Fortress. Image CC BY-SA 2.0

One of the interesting spots off the tourist radar is an old Austro-Hungarian fortress called Goražda which lies on the top of hill between Tivat and Kotor. From here you can see both towns. 

The fortress is built into the mountain and you can explore the abandoned rooms - you might want to keep a torch handy for this as there's no lighting. At the very top you’ll see the old iron dome which housed a giant gun that was tour used to defend either part of the Bay of Kotor.

If you have a rental car (I recommend you can drive yourself up to Goražda. There is also an e-bike tour that takes you up there and includes biking around the Bay of Kotor.

11. Vrmac Ridge

Tivat: What to See and Do in the Home of Flip-Flop LuxuryVrmac Ridge divides Kotor and Tivat Bays. Image: Deposit Photos

A little further along the same range, you’ll find another abandoned fortress on Vrmac hill. This is a popular spot for walks and mountain biking and you’ll find marked trails here.

One of the popular routes takes you down from Vrmac ridge to the village of Gornja Lastva and back up again. There’s also a shorter, circular route you can do in about an hour. Both walks will afford you breathtaking views of both sides of Kotor Bay.

Read More:

12. Solila nature Reserve

Solila Nature Reserve, Tivat, MontenegroSolila Nature Reserve, Tivat, Montenegro

Solila used to be salt pans and the area has been turned into a nature reserve that covers 150 hectares.

There have been salt pans here since the middle ages and in 1683 Solila provided 81% of the income for residents in this area.

Today, Solila Nature Reserve protects over 100 rare bird species, including flamingos. Other species include the Eurasian woodcock, common moorhen, sea eagle, gray crane, black-winged stilt, and little egret.

There's a walking path through the reserve and there are elevated lookouts where you can get a good view of the reserve and Tivat Bay.

This is a neat place for families and it's free! Bring binoculars to make the most of your trip here.

13. Tivat Beaches

Tivat BeachTivat Town Beach

Tivat's waterfront is mostly concrete, so there is just one beach in the center of the town and it gets really busy.

You can swim from the waterfront anywhere in town, but if you want a beach head south and you'll find beaches in Seljanovo and Donja Lastva.

Most beaches in the Bay of Kotor are a mixture of pebble and sand. Only Waikiki Beach Resort has a large sandy beach.

Popular Tivat beaches:

  • Plaža Ponta, Seljanovo
  • Waikiki Beach Resort, Seljanovo (they also have really nice apartments if you're looking for a beachside stay)
  • Belane Beach

Beaches in Montenegro are typically divided into two sections. One part is covered with loungers and sun umbrellas which you pay for. The other part is free to use.

14. Luštica Peninsula Beaches

Luštica Peninsula has some beautiful beaches and at only 15 minutes from Tivat, it's worth driving over for a beach day.

Plavi Horizonti - Blue Horizons Beach

Plavi HorizontiBlue Horizons Beach

Blue Horizons (Plavi Horizonti) a big sandy bay that's ideal for a beach day, especially for families with small children.

The water is very shallow and is mainly waist-deep, so your children can easily play here without getting out of their depth. The sandy bottom and shore is also easy on little feet.

You can hire loungers and umbrellas or bring your own. You can also hire shaded cabanas with food and drink service if you want to really relax on the beach.

There are showers, restrooms, and restaurants where you can get meals, ice cream and drinks.

There are walking paths either side of the bay, but be aware these are favorite spots with nudists who like to sunbathe on the rocky outcrops.

Parking costs €3 for the day.

Oblatno - Almara Beach Club

Oblatno Almara BeachOblatno/Almara Beach Club

Almara Beach Club on Oblatno Beach is an upscale beach that's popular with locals and yacht owners from Porto Montenegro.

The beach is sandy and has crystal clear water. The beach bar has a cocktail bar, an upscale restaurant, and luxury loungers. It also has a DJ playing chill House music and often hosts events.

Part of the beach can be used free of charge, but it fills up quickly in summer so you should arrive early or be prepared to pay for loungers.

This is one of our favorite summer destinations, however there can be a lot of wasps which can make it hard to relax completely, especially if you have children.

Almara Beach Club, MontenegroAlmara Beach Club, Montenegro

15. Nightlife

Thanks in part to the large number of foreigners either temporarily or permanently in Tivat, the town has a lively nightlife scene all year around.

Most popular are Madame Coco, My Club, The Clubhouse, and Platinum in Porto Montenegro. These are all easy walking distance from anywhere in town.

16. Day Trips From Tivat

Tivat's central location makes it ideal for exploring Montenegro. Having a rental car gives you the freedom to make trips to Montenegro's stunning national parks and other coastal towns. 

Here are some suggestions for day trips from Tivat:

>> Best Day Trips From Kotor Bay

Where to Stay in Tivat

Tivat is a great base for exploring Montenegro. While Kotor is undeniably beautiful and historic, Tivat offers a more laid-back and authentic vibe.

With its central location you can easily explore places like Kotor, Budva, and Lake Skadar during the day.

In the evenings you can enjoy the fantastic restaurants and nightlife that Tivat has to offer.


Regent Porto Montenegro


At Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, located in the luxurious Porto Montenegro community in Tivat, you'll experience elegance reminiscent of grand Italian palazzos.

This top-rated hotel offers a tranquil atmosphere with its 175 rooms, suites, and penthouses, all adorned in cool blues, earth tones, and nautically inspired furnishings. The views of the marina and Kotor Bay add to the serene ambiance.

Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro has several excellent restaurants. At Murano you'll enjoy fresh, sumptuous seafood, while the Gourmet Corner offers a range of delicious meals, great coffee, and French pastries. For a more relaxed setting, the Pool Bar serves light bites and drinks.

The Regent Spa specializes in relaxation, offering massages and natural treatments in their spa, and private wellness therapies.

The Pool Club, with its four pools and stunning marina views, is the perfect place to unwind and soak in the beauty of Montenegro.

“Lovely hotel, fabulous pools, first class service, excellent location for a couple of nights in the new marina surrounded by restaurants and designer shopping.” - Adam, UK (read more reviews).


Hotel Pine, Tivat, Montenegro


Hotel Pine is an elegant 4-star hotel in the heart of Tivat. Located right next to the seaside and just a minute's walk from the beach, combines convenience with contemporary design.

After its complete renovation in 2014, Hotel Pine now offers stunning views of Tivat Bay and features free WiFi throughout.

Each air-conditioned room is equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, a minibar, and a well-appointed bathroom.

For relaxation, the hotel's wellness center includes a sauna and fitness room.

Dining at Hotel Pine is a easy with its on-site bar and restaurant, where you can enjoy breakfast on a palm-lined terrace. The menu offers a range of local specialties, including seafood and meat dishes, and don't miss the popular patisserie for a sweet treat.

People rate Hotel Pine highly for its prime location in Tivat, making it a top place to stay here.

“My 4th visit, great location, staff very friendly and welcoming , great locality and great views if you have a balcony room Great wine bar around by Port Montenegro” - James, UK (read more reviews).


Petkovic Apartmani 3, Tivat


Petkovic Apartmani 3 is ideally located within walking distance of everything you need in Tivat. It's just a five minute walk to Belane Beach, Tivat town center, and restaurants. 

Although modest, the studio apartment is quiet, has a private bathroom, and a kitchenette. It also has an outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining area, and pool that you can use for free.

Petkovic Apartmani 3 offers great value for money just minutes from town. In case they are fully booked during your stay, you can also check out their other accommodation: Petkovic Apartmani 1 and Petkovic Apartmani 2.

“ It's a really nice place to be, it's quiet, the host is super nice and friendly, I even could arrive little bit earlier. The room is better that on pictures, very cosy with a shower, kitchen area, office area, everything you need. Also very close to the bay 5 minutes walk, supermarket and bakery are a minute away. Really great :)” Alexandra, Switzerland (read more reviews).

find Accommodation in Tivat

>> Best Hotels in Tivat

Top Restaurants in Tivat

Restaurant on Pine, Tivat, MontenegroBreakfast on the Pine waterfront

As Montenegro's home of 'flip flop luxury', Tivat has plenty of good eateries to choose from. 

Right on the Pine waterfront in the center of town, there’s a long stretch of restaurants and cafes. This is a popular spot to get a coffee and enjoy the sea views. 

Porto Montenegro offers upmarket and casual dining that fits perfectly with the location. Despite the exclusive location, meals here are generally reasonably priced.

One has modern casual meals like seafood, risottos and meat dishes. It's right at the heart of Porto Montenegro village and overlooks Jetty One with its magnificent yachts.

One, Porto Montenegro, TivatOne in Porto Montenegro

One of our favorites is Al Posto Giusto, which serves Italian-influenced meals like pizzas, pastas and salads. I particularly like their scrambled eggs with prosciutto and leeks.

For high-end dining try Murano in Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro or Panorama Restaurant and Wine Bar overlooking the PMYC pool.

For local-style fare, Kalimanj Marina has two restaurants popular with locals:

  • Sidro - Delicious Balkan homestyle meals for just €3.50 each. The menu changes each day and you can dine in or take out
  • Mala Barka - A local favorite for traditional-style seafood on Kalimanj marina

>> Best Tivat Restaurants

Getting to Tivat

By Plane

Tivat airport is the only airport on the coast in Montenegro and is only 5km from Tivat center. It's ideal if you’re staying in Budva or the Bay of Kotor because you can easily get a transfer or rental car from the airport and be sipping a cocktail by the sea in less than an hour. 

If you are planning to stay in the more mountainous north or further south in Bar or Ulcinj, Podgorica airport would be a better airport to fly into.

Tivat airport has direct links to many European airports from May to October, but generally only links to a few destinations in winter.

The flight time from other European centers is only 2-3 hours.

If you can't find flights to Tivat airport, Podgorica airport is a two hour drive from Tivat, and Dubrovnik airport (in neighboring Croatia) is also around two hours' drive, but you need to account for the border crossing which can be busy in summer.

>> Flights to Montenegro

By Land

By Car

Tivat is easy to drive to from anywhere in Montenegro or surrounding countries like Croatia and Serbia.

Distances from main cities to Tivat:

  • Kotor: 12 km (7.5 miles)
  • Budva: 23 km (14.3 miles)
  • Podgorica: 88 km (54.7 miles)
  • Herceg Novi: 20 km (12.4 miles)
  • Bar: 65 km (40.4 miles)
  • Ulcinj: 85 km (52.8 miles)
  • Zabljak: 165 km (102.5 miles)
  • Kolasin: 170 km (105.6 miles)
  • Dubrovnik: 73 km (45.4 miles)

By Bus

Montenegro has a good bus network that links Tivat with all the other major cities in Montenegro and you can get a bus to Tivat for just a few euros.

Tivat is also connected to international destinations in the region like Dubrovnik and Belgrade. 

The best places to check bus timetables and buy tickets are Busbud, and Balkan Viator.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tivat

Is Tivat Montenegro worth visiting?

Tivat Montenegro is worth visiting. It's a stunning coastal town with a unique blend of modern marinas and cultural history. You'll find a stunning marina and village, a charming local atmosphere, great beaches, excellent restaurants, and nightlife.

Is Tivat Montenegro expensive?

Tivat Montenegro can be a bit expensive, especially in areas like Porto Montenegro. However, there are budget-friendly options available. You can find affordable accommodations and eateries if you explore a bit beyond the main tourist spots.

How long should I stay in Tivat?

A stay of 5 to 7 days is ideal in Tivat. This gives you enough time to explore the main attractions, relax on the beaches, enjoy the local cuisine, and take day trips to other destinations around Montenegro.

What language is spoken in Tivat Montenegro?

In Tivat Montenegro, the primary language spoken is Montenegrin, which is essentially the same language as Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian. However, many locals, especially in tourist areas, speak English, so you'll be able to communicate easily.

Is it better to stay in Tivat or Kotor?

Choosing between Tivat and Kotor depends on your preferences. Tivat offers a more modern, luxurious experience with its marina and upscale facilities, while Kotor is great for historical and cultural exploration. Both are beautiful, so it's about what you want from your trip.

Does Tivat have beaches?

Yes, Tivat does have beaches. While they might not be as expansive as other famous beach destinations, Tivat's beaches are charming and offer a mix of pebble and sandy shores, clear waters, and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Is Tivat beautiful?

Tivat is indeed beautiful. It's a blend of natural beauty, with its stunning coastline and green landscapes, and man-made elegance seen in its sophisticated marina and well-maintained public spaces. The scenic beauty and relaxed atmosphere make Tivat a visually appealing destination.

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