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Kayaking In Montenegro

montenegro kayaking

Spending a morning or afternoon kayaking in Montenegro is a great way to spend the day. You get to explore some of Montenegro’s coastlines, get a little exercise and can cool off whenever you like.

It sure beats sitting in a stuffy bus!

There are so many reasons to go kayaking in Montenegro, here are some: 

Get unique views of the pretty coastal villages

Seeing the coastal villages from the sea is completely different to seeing them from land. From the sea you see the stone buildings lining the coast with that distinctive, Montenegrin backdrop of steep mountains behind. This is a view you’ll only get from the sea.

Discover hidden coves and beaches

One of our favourite things to do is to find a deserted beach we can have to ourselves. When you launch your kayak, you open up a dozen opportunities for discovery.

Beat the crowds

Are you looking for an activity that will take you away from the summer crowds? Kayaking will take you a world away from the traffic and tourist crowds. Stop and take a dip wherever you like. 

Your Kids will Love It

This is a great way for families to avoid the dreaded ‘are we there yet?’ question too! Your kids will be too absorbed exploring the rocky sea bottom, spotting fish or looking at for birds to be bored. If your kids are small you can hire double kayaks and take them with you.

Read on to find out where you can go kayaking in Montenegro…

Sea Kayaking

Blue Cave Snorkelling and Kayaking Adventure

Montenegro toursKayaking in the Blue Cave

Kayak and snorkel your way to the Blue Cave on Montenegro’s rugged and beautiful Lustica Peninsula

The tour includes a transfer to Lustica Peninsula and then a 2 hour kayak tour which takes you into the Blue Cave which is famed for it's iridescent blue colour. 

You can also take the chance to snorkel in Lustica's amazingly clear waters.

Tour Details

Start point: Kotor, Tivat or Budva
Start time: 9am or 3.30pm
Duration: 5 hours (approx)
Price: From €82 per person

Rose and Submarine Shelter Kayak Tour

On this guided tour, you paddle your way across the Bay of Kotor to Lustica Peninsula. 

The first stop is a old submarine tunnel that was used to hide Yugoslav submarines. The tunnels burrow around 80m into the hillside and you can explore them in your kayak.

After that, you paddle over to the picturesque fishing hamlet of Rose for some snorkelling, swimming and a drink or bite to eat at one of the local restaurants.

Your return paddle to Herceg Novi will give you some excellent views of the town and its fortresses which tower over the sea.

Tour Details

Start point: Herceg Novi town beach (next to Herceg Novi marina)
Difficulty: Easy
Start time: 10am or 3pm
Duration: 4 hours
What's included: Kayaking and snorkelling gear, dry bags for small personal items, guide
Price: €35 per person

Igalo and Njivice Kayak Tour

This easy, family friendly tour is a great way to explore the Herceg Novi, Igalo and Njivice coastlines. 

You paddle along the coast from central Herceg Novi to the secluded beaches of Njivice. This is the perfect place to find a private spot and hop out for a swim. 

Tour Details

Start point: Herceg Novi town beach (next to Herceg Novi marina)
Difficulty: Easy
Start time: Flexible
Duration: 2 1/2 - 3 hours
What's included: Kayaking and snorkelling gear, dry bags for small personal items, guide
Price: €30 per person

Rose, Dobrec and Mamula Island

This tour is for confident paddlers and will take you to see some of the gems of the Montenegrin coast. 

You paddle across the bay  to Rose, a pretty fishing village. Then you'll travel further along the Lustica Peninsula coast to Dobrec, a secluded beach you can only get to by boat.

Finally, you'll paddle around the Lustica Peninsula headland to Mamula Island, an abandoned Austro-Hungarian fortress that served as a prison in both world wars. 

 The final leg is a casual paddle back across the bay to Herceg Novi.

Tour Details

Start point: Herceg Novi town beach (next to Herceg Novi marina)
Difficulty: Challenging
Start time: 10am
Duration: 8 hours
What's included: Kayaking and snorkelling gear, dry bags for small personal items, guide
Price: €50 per person

Kayak rental in herceg Novi

You can hire kayaks on the central beach in Herceg Novi, beside the marina. From here you can head out along the coast in either direction, or across the bay to Lustica Peninsula.

The most popular route is to paddle across the bay to Rose for a drink or a meal. Rose is a cute village with pretty, stone houses and waterside restaurants. 

When paddling across the bay, you need to be careful of the many boats going back and forth during summer. 

There are single and double kayaks, which are ideal for families with young kiddies who can't manage a kayak on their own. 

Kayak Rental Prices

Single kayaks:

  • 1 hour - €7
  • 4 hours - €20
  • 8 hours - €30

Double kayaks:

  • 1 hour - €10
  • 4 hours - €25
  • 8 hours - €35

Lake Skadar kayaking

Lake Skadar is a great place to go kayaking. The water is warm all summer long and there are islands, monasteries and bird sanctuaries to explore.

These guided tours take you to see some of Montenegro's most spectacular natural and cultural sights. When you book a guided tour you'll visit places you'd never be able to find on your own.

There are five guided kayaking tours to choose from and they're all guided by a qualified kayak coach and Skadar Lake resident who knows the lake like the back of his hand.

 KAYAKING to the Island Monasteries

Get the safari feel kayaking along Lake Skadar's southern shores on a circular trip to visit two of the lake's unique 14th Century island monasteries under the gaze of Albania's spectacular Accursed Mountains (Prokletije). With a bit of R&R at nearby Murići freshwater beach and several great swimming spots on the way, the tour is perfect for all abilities.

Island Prison Kayaking Tour

Lake Skadar Island Prison Kayak Tour

This tour is a return paddle from the lily pads and rushes of Virpazar to the old island prison of Grmožur and then to a secluded freshwater beach called Pješačac. Along the way you stop at the tiny lakeside settlement of Raduš for a lunch of fresh lake fish and other traditional specialities.

Kom Monastery - The Jewel of Lake Skadar Kayak Tour

Starting from the village of Vranjina, you'll paddle across the middle of the lake, past islands inhabited only by birds and up a semi-hidden channel that leads to the most beautiful and least know of the the lake's 14th Century island monasteries - Kom Monastery. Expertly preserved and restored, the views and chapels are simply stunning.

Tour Details

Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 5-6 hours
Start time: Flexible
Start point: Vranjina
Pricing: 50 per person for groups of 4 or more.
              €65 per person for groups of less than 4.

The Majestic Serpentines of the Crnojevica River Kayak Tour

An awesome day's kayaking starts at the charming fishing village of Karuc. From there you paddle down Lake Skadar's channels, taking in some superb bird life, before travelling around one of Montenegro's most famous vistas - Pavlova Strana. You'll finish at the town of Rijeka Crnojevica, where Montenegro's last royal family would summer. It's a good place for a cold drink at the end of an amazing day! 

Tour Details

Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 6-7 hours
Start time: Flexible
Start point: Karuc
Pricing: €60 per person for groups of 4 or more.
              €75 per person for groups of less than 4.

Lake Skadar Delta Kayak Tour

This Lake Skadar kayaking tour is a circular paddle from Vranjina through the renowned bird reserves of Manastirska Tapija. You'll circumnavigate the island of Vranjina via its picturesque river channels before visiting the Saint Nicholas (Sveti Nikola) monastery and returning to Vranjina via the Moraca Delta. May/September paddlers will want to bring binoculars for the outstanding bird life!

Tour Details

Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: This tour takes 4-5 hours
Start time: Flexible
Start point: Vranjina
Tour day: Wednesdays
Pricing: €40 per person for groups of 4 or more
              €55 per person for groups of less than 4

Lake Skadar Kayak Rental from Virpazar

If you'd like to explore Lake Skadar on your own, you can hire kayaks in Virpazar. From here it's easy to head out into the main area of the lake and explore the waterways on your own.

You'll be able to kayak around old stone forts, relax on freshwater beaches and look out for birds.

There's a choice of double and single kayaks available, so they're ideal for families with children who are too small to paddle on their own. All rentals come with safety equipment like life vests, instructions and advice on the best places to see based on the current conditions and wildlife to see.


Single kayaks: €5 per hour or €20 per day.
Double kayaks: €10 per hour or €30 per day.

What To Take Kayaking in Montenegro

You don’t need much to go kayaking here, the kayaks, paddles and life jackets are supplied. But you will need a few extras and this is what I recommend:

Sunscreen – a must!

Hat and sunglasses – protect yourself from the summer sun and glare from the water, even if it’s overcast.

Water and snacks – it’s easy to forget you’re working when you’re having fun, but you’ll need to keep yourself hydrated and fuelled up to get the most out of your kayaking trip.

Camera – taking a camera will help you make everlasting memories of your trip. For watersports like kayaking, we always take our Go Pro waterproof camera. You can also get waterproof bags to put things like cameras and cellphones in. These float so they’re ideal for kayaking!

Book a Guided Kayak Tour from Herceg Novi

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