Durmitor National Park

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Durmitor is the largest of the national parks of Montenegro and lies in the north east of the country. If you'd like to visit this area, the place to head to is Zabljak. Zabljak is the centre of the area and you can find out more about it here. 

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Top Things To Do


The national park is home to the Tara Canyon where you can spend a day rafting on the river. The trip is easy and scenic and you can do it either as a day trip or overnight in Durmitor.

Click here to find out more about rafting in the Tara Canyon.


Durmitor is the most visited mountain area in Montenegro and is home to Montenegro’s second highest peak – Bobotov Kuk at 2,525m. This hike is marked and you can take it from Zabljak, however it is for experienced and fit hikers. The four most popular hikes here all start from Crno Jezero (Black Lake) in Zabljak and vary in time and difficulty.

When you visit, you can also take the walk around the lake which is 4km and quite easy.  There’s just one part with stairs that would be difficult for anyone with impaired mobility.

For detailed information about the hiking options available when you want to visit, we recommend getting in touch with the visitor’s centre at npdurmitor@nparkovi.me. You can also go to the visitor’s centre which is located near the entrance to Crno Jezero.

If you’re interested in hiking in any of the national parks of Montenegro we recommend getting a copy of The Mountains of Montenegro by Rudolf Abraham. This small book has covered the majority of the hiking in Montenegro and offers invaluable advice and details routes for both day hikes and longer hikes.


Trout fishing is allowed in the three places in Durmitor from 1st May to 1st October each year. There are specific places you can fish on particular days and at particular times. If you would like to go fishing we’d recommend contacting the visitor’s centre to confirm the details. The three places you can fish are the Tara River, Crno Jezero and Vraziji Jezero.


If rafting is not your thing, you can take a more sedate boat ride on Crno Jezero in Zabljak. There are boats available for hire on the lake for €8 per hour.


Why not enjoy some of the Montenegrin fresh air and explore the area by bike?  The visitor’s centre rents them for €2 an hour or €7 per day.


Durmitor is one of two national parks of Montenegro with a ski field, which is based in Zabljak. This is why Zabljak is so popular all year around. The ski season starts in December and goes through to April. It a relatively small resort with two chairlifts and three rope tows.

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