Kitten Sterilisation

Hi Sarah,

This is not really about Montenegro as a tourist destination. I moved to Montenegro and adopted a kitten some months ago. She has received all her vaccinations etc. I requested info from the vet about sterilization. I was told that she is too young to be sterilized at four months. They only do it at nine months. I do not agree with this, but what do I do now?

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Aug 05, 2018
Keep her inside!! NEW
by: April

The vets in this region are definitely behind the times on this issue! You can try some other vets, and lie a bit about her age. Even if you can't change the attitude of local vets for this kitten, there is a small group organizing in Kotor that is working out how best to approach local vets with educational information about issues such as this. One vet has already begun to "eartip" feral or un-owned cats when they are brought in to be spayed. A few months ago he was unwilling to discuss the issue.

Above all DO NOT LET YOUR KITTEN OUTSIDE OR NEAR AN UNNEUTERED MALE WITHIN YOUR HOME!! It is hard when they are in heat, and they may cycle through frequently, especially during warm weather. When I lived in NY in the early 1980'2, I trapped a mother can and got her 4 kittens, whose eyes were still closed for about a week. So we knew their birthdate with good approximation. When I took her in to be spayed, at 5.5 months, she was already pregnant. The only unneutered males in our 4th floor apartment were her litter-mates. So it can happen very young!

Jul 26, 2018
Kitten Sterilisation
by: Sarah


I don't know where you are in Montenegro, but you should look for a vet who will do it for you earlier because obviously you run the risk of her getting pregnant any time she goes outside. Depending where you are you can contact some of the animal welfare organisations like NVO SPas, Ruka-Sapi, Stray Aid Montenegro and Friends of Dogs (all on Facebook) to see if they can recommend a vet. I'm sure there are younger vets here who are more up to date with current practices.

Best wishes,

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