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Visiting Dubrovnik from Montenegro

by Jacky

Hi Sarah

I am SO grateful to you and your website - I have been navigating it for about 2 hours now and it is really helping me plan my visit to Montenegro but to be honest I am a little stuck on a few things.

We don't travel a lot (partner, me and our son 16) and have only travelled abroad 3 times in last 10 years so I find the whole process of research and decision making very draining.

We want to stay in a villa or apartment rather than a hotel as we need 2 rooms due to teenage boy (!) so this seems cheapest. We want to stay away for about 8 nights but we're not sure how this works with flights from Gatwick and not sure how to find that out.

Also, if we base ourselves in Montenegro can we somehow get over to Dubrovnik for a day to do the Game of Thrones tour? Or would we be better off flying to Dubrovnik, stay say 2 nights then come over to Montenegro for remaining 6 nights?

Also REALLY struggling to chose between:

Herceg Novi

We would love your help on the above. Our wish list is as follows:

- be able to walk to good mix of cafes/ shops/restaurants ( don't want hassle of driving but v. happy to walk everywhere / get bus etc.)
- don't want too hectic / touristy e.g. rammed beaches but not too isolated either as need a bit of life.
- be able to swim - ideally snorkel in beautiful water every day - so water close
ideally sea views from lovely authentic villa / apartment.
- see beautiful old town/s history / beauty of Montenegro.

Can you help me narrow things down?


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Mar 20, 2019
Visiting Dubrovnik from Montenegro
by: Sarah

Hi Jacky,

I'm glad Montenegro Pulse has been helpful with your trip planning - I know it can be overwhelming in the beginning.

Here are my thoughts on your questions:


I would recommend checking flights on a flight aggregator. The great thing about Montenegro is you have three airports to choose from (Tivat, Podgorica and Dubrovnik). So if you want an 8 day stay, you could fly into Dubrovnik airport and out of Tivat airport (for example) if the flights worked.
Click here for more about flights to Montenegro


You can easily make a trip over to Dubrovnik to do a Game of Thrones tour and this is really the easiest way. It'll save you moving accommodation and save you money because Dubrovnik is much more expensive than Montenegro. I'd recommend hiring a car for the day and driving over to Dubrovnik. There are very limited public transport options and a car will allow you to get the most out of your day there. Alternatively you could book transfers to take you over and back again. When deciding which option to choose you'll want to include parking, which costs 5 euros per hour in Dubrovnik.


Based on your wish list the ideal location for you is clearly Herceg Novi.

There are plenty of apartment options in Herceg Novi. Choose one anywhere between Meljine and Igalo and you'll find plenty of restaurants and cafes in the vicinity. There are also two local buses that pass every 30 minutes if you don't want to walk, although the 7km promenade that runs between Meljine and Igalo (with the town centre in the middle) is lovely.

Herceg Novi isn't too touristy (Kotor and Budva are the most popular and busy towns) but it's nicely busy.

Herceg Novi has the best beaches in the Bay of Kotor, with clean, clear water and boat trips departing from the marina just below the old town. You'll get sea views from almost every accommodation in Herceg Novi.

Herceg Novi has an adorable, picturesque old town where you can sit and get coffee with the locals in the morning, buy your produce in the green market and sip wine and listen to local musicians by night.

Somewhere like Athos Apartments would be perfect. It's central, on the bus route, walking distance to the beach, restaurants and town.

The one thing you should know about Herceg Novi is that there are a lot of stairs, so it's not good for anyone with mobility problems.

I hope I've helped you streamline your holiday booking!

Happy travels,

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