Private Tours in Kotor, Montenegro

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Choose from a range of unique, customizable private tours in Kotor, Montenegro that show you the best of Montenegro's incredible scenery and culture.

Perfect private tours in Kotor Montenegro.

Hiring a private guide is a great way to make the most of your time in Kotor. A good guide will tailor your tour visit to suit your group's interests, whether that's seeing the top attractions, escaping the crowds, discovering history and culture or exploring the best beaches. 

When you book a private tour your guide will work with you to design the perfect itinerary. Then they’ll meet you in Kotor and escort you around for the duration of your tour, whether it’s for just a few hours or a full day. 

They can do things like pre-arrange boat transfers and drivers, and make restaurant reservations in advance too. 

In short, a private guide will make sure your day will be fun and enjoyable and you don’t have to worry about any of the organization.

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Advantages of Booking Private Tours in Kotor, Montenegro
What to Look for in a Private Guide | Private Tour Itineraries

Advantages of Booking Private Tours in Kotor, Montenegro

Personal Service

When you book a private tour you get personal service both before your arrival and during your stay. You can ask your guide any questions you have before you get to Kotor and of course, you can ask plenty of questions throughout your time with them. In the end you leave Kotor feeling like you really got to know Montenegro.

Tailored to Your Interests

While there’s a great selection of tours available, as you’ll see below, all of the private tour or excursion itineraries are customizable. Since you have direct contact with your tour guide you can tell them about your interests and they’ll create a personalized tour that’s perfect for you.

Tailored to Your Timetable

Group tours (that leave on a standard timetable daily) are cheaper than private tours, but there’s no flexibility in their timetables. For example, the group Kotor walking tour and Blue Cave boat tour are incredibly popular tours, but if you can’t make it on their schedule you miss out.

When you book a private tour you can tailor it to suit your timetable. And if you’re late eg. you’re visiting Kotor on a cruise and your ship is late, a private guide will wait for you and make sure you get your tour and get back to your ship on time.

Experiences You Wouldn’t Find On Your Own

There are some great experiences you’d never be able to find or do on your own. For example, the Boka Wine Tasting and Olives and Donkeys tours below are available only with a guide to make the reservations for you.

Fit More Into Your Time

If you only have a short time in Kotor, or Montenegro, you’ll want to make the most out of your time. On a private tour or excursion all of the arrangements are made for you in advance. So instead of walking the promenade in Perast looking for a boat to take you to Our Lady of the Rocks, a boat and skipper are already waiting for you when you arrive. In all, your whole experience is smoother and more enjoyable.

Completely Flexible

If, for some reason, things aren’t going as planned on your tour, your guide can adjust your day. Maybe someone is seasick or feeling tired, or maybe you just want to make an unscheduled stop. Rather than pushing through with no flexibility, as you’d have to do on a group tour, your guide will know a great alternative if things aren’t quite matching up with how you feel on the day. This way, you’re guaranteed to have the perfect tour for you.

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What to Look For in a Private Guide

Like anything, there's a range of private guides available in Kotor. Here are some things you should look for when choosing a private guide:


All Montenegrin tour guides must have a valid and current licence. This means they’ve studied to be a tour guide and have passed an exam. Not only does a licensed guide guarantee you a better tour, only licensed guides are allowed to work as tour guides. If your guide is found out to be unlicensed during a routine inspection, you could find yourself without a guide in the middle of your tour.

Language Skills

It’s important that your guide speaks fluent English. Most Montenegrins speak more than one foreign language and at least basic English. Your tour will be much more enjoyable if your guide speaks fluent English and can talk to you easily.


A good guide can make or break your tour… and you’re paying well for a memorable day! So it pays to ask for reviews before you confirm your booking. If their previous customers are happy you’ll feel confident booking them for your tour.


I recommend hiring a guide with a separate driver. If your driver is also your guide they'll be trying to both drive and guide you and won't be able to focus on either 100%. Also, your tour will go smoother because you won't waste time looking for parking. 

Private Tours in Kotor, Montenegro

Here’s a selection of tried and true private tours in Kotor, Montenegro. They're all designed and run by five star rated guide, Ana Badnjar.

And don’t forget all of the tours below are customizable, so if you like an itinerary but it’s missing something, you can change it so you get your perfect tour!

Private Walking Tour

Private Tours in Kotor MontenegroKotor. Image: Deposit Photos

An in-depth and intimate private walking tour of Kotor, including top attractions St Tryphon Cathedral and the Maritime Museum.

  • Start/finish: Kotor
  • Duration: 2 hours

The Old Captain's Smile

Private Tours in Kotor MontenegroPerast. Image: Deposit Photos

The perfect private Kotor Bay tour - visit Kotor, Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks by car or speed boat.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 4 ½ hours

I Want to Stay in Boka Bay Forever

Private Tours in Kotor MontenegroPorto Montenegro, Tivat. Image: Deposit Photos

Take a thrilling Kotor speed boat tour to Kotor Bay's seafaring past and future with visits to Kotor, Perast, Our Lady of the Rocks and Porto Montenegro.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 5 ½ hours

The Best of the Montenegro Coast

Private tours in Kotor MontenegroSveti Stefan. Image: Deposit Photos

See the gems of the Montenegro coast on this private Kotor day tour that takes you to all the top sights in Kotor Bay and the Budva Riviera.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • 6 hours

Say HEllo to Budva

Perfect private tours in Kotor Montenegro.Budva. Image: Deposit Photos

See iconic Sveti Stefan, and take walking tours of Budva and Kotor on this Kotor and Budva tour with a private, licensed guide in Montenegro.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • 5 ½ hours

Kotor Winery Tour

Perfect private tours in Kotor Montenegro.Kotor Winery Tour

This Kotor wine tour includes all the ingredients that make up the perfect Montenegro tour: sun, sea, magnificent views, delicious wines and traditional cuisine… živjeli!

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 5 hours

Montenegro Oyster Tour

Private Tours in Kotor MontenegroMontenegro Oyster Tour

Discover the taste of the Bay of Kotor on this half day Montenegro oyster tour to the top sights of the Bay of Kotor and a family-owned oyster farm.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 5 hours

Olives and Donkeys

Private tours in Kotor MontenegroOlives and Donkeys Tour

See the real Montenegro on this private Kotor tour that takes you to a 300 year old olive mill to experience authentic Montenegrin cuisine and lifestyle.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 4 ½ hours

Speed Boat Adventure

Private Tours in Kotor MontenegroSpeed Boat Adventure

Spend the perfect day out on this Kotor Bay boat tour that includes Kotor, the Blue Cave, submarine caves and a seaside lunch at a fishing village.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 5 hours

Historical Zig-Zag Tour

Perfect private tours in Kotor Montenegro.Historical Zig-Zag Tour

The Lovćen tour from Kotor takes you through Montenegro's historical towns to see some of the country's most spectacular scenery.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 8 hours

Untouched Montenegro

Perfect private tours in Kotor Montenegro.The Black Lake, Durmitor National Park. Image: Deposit Photos

Explore Montenegro's stunning national parks and cultural gems on this privately guided full-day tour.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 12-13 hours

Bespoke Private Tours in Kotor, Montenegro

Private tours in Kotor Montenegro

Not seen a tour itinerary that matches exactly what you'd like?

It's easy to get a private tour designed just for you. Just fill in the form below and Ana, a five star-rated, licensed Montenegro guide will design a tour that matches your interests and the time you have available.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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