Unforgettable Kotor Tours That Show You the Best of Kotor and Beyond

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Kotor tours take you under the skin of Kotor and show you Montenegro's most beautiful, historic and authentic places. 

Unforgettable Kotor Tours That Show You the Best of Kotor and BeyondKotor Winery Tour

So you’re visiting Kotor? 


Kotor is one of Europe’s hidden gems and it’s a must-see for any trip to Montenegro.

And thanks to the medieval town’s popularity there’s a huge range of Kotor tours to choose from.

Starting with a walking tour of stunning and unique Kotor old town, you can visit the Bay of Kotor’s must-see gems like Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks.

Or you can venture further and visit a winery to sip boutique wines and snack on figs and cheese while soaking up the sun and watching the sail boats bob in the bay.

Or you can visit a traditional farm to discover the centuries-old tradition of olive oil making and experience the real Montenegro. 

Or you can explore the rugged mountains and canyons that Montenegro were named for.

Or you can scale a mountain, swim in a river and wander a 2,500 year old town all in one day.

The choice is yours!

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Top Attractions to See on Kotor Tours

You can fit a surprising amount into a tour from Kotor, depending how much time you have.

The top sights to see in the bay are:

There are lots of Kotor tour options to visit these sights and you can easily fit them into a few hours.

Further afield, you can visit:

You could also fit these into a half day tour, although you won’t get to all of them in the same day.

If you have a full day, you can get to some of the ‘black mountains’ Montenegro was named after. Monte Negro, or Crna Gora in the local language, literally means Black Mountain, and you can explore a surprising amount with the help of a well-planned tour.

You can visit:

Here's a list of the top Kotor tours to the most popular sights. I've also included some tours to off-the-beaten-track gems.

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Kotor Walking Tours

Private Tours and Excursions

Sightseeing Tours

Kotor Boat Tours

Full Day Kotor Tours

Adventure and Activity Tours

Wine and Gastronomy Tours

Kotor Walking Tours

When you visit Kotor, a walking tour of the old town will help you get a good understanding of this medieval town without having to read a whole guide book.

You can pick up a map at the information centre in front of the Sea Gate and you can download your free Kotor guide, but other than that there’s no information available about the sights in town. 

A guided walking tour will take you around Kotor and tell you about the history of the town and the significance of the main sights. 

Kotor Walking Tour

This 1-hour walking tour of Kotor old town is a great introduction to Kotor. There are several departures daily to choose from and the group size is limited to 15 people.

  • Start/finish: Kotor old town
  • Duration: 1 hour

Private Walking Tour

Private Tours in Kotor MontenegroKotor. Image: Deposit Photos

An in-depth and intimate private walking tour of Kotor, including top attractions St Tryphon Cathedral and the Maritime Museum.

  • Start/finish: Kotor
  • Duration: 2 hours

Kotor Private Tours and Excursions

Unforgettable Kotor Tours That Show You the Best of Kotor and Beyond

One of the best ways to make use of your time in Kotor is to book a private guide.

You can choose from a range of customisable itineraries or get your guide to design a tour just for you.

A dedicated guide can:

  • Design a tour specifically for your interests and time available
  • Save you time by pre-booking good quality vehicles, boats, restaurants etc
  • Take you places you can’t visit on your own
  • Tell you about the sites you’re visiting and answer your questions as you go
  • Make adjustments to the itinerary as needed so you have the perfect tour!

Sightseeing Tours

kotor Open Tour

Kotor Open Tour is Kotor’s hop-on hop-off bus tour. It’s designed for cruise ship passengers and it only goes when there’s a ship in port. The tour visits Risan Roman Mosaics, Perast, Bajova Kula Beach and Kotor.

  • Start: Kotor
  • Duration: 1 ½ hours minimum


The Tuk Tuk Boka Bay Ride is an open-air tour that goes around the less-visited side of the bay. It takes you around the narrow seaside road to Prčanj village, to one of the best photo stops in the bay, 16th century Our Lady of Angels Church, to Porto Montenegro marina and over the hill back down into Kotor. This is a really nice scenic tour that’s off the beaten path.

  • Start/finish point: Kotor
  • Duration: 3 hours

Kotor Boat Tours

Kotor sits right on the water in the drop-dead gorgeous Bay of Kotor, so it’s a great place to do a boat tour. 

Not only is cruising along the bay in a speed boat lots of fun, you’ll get great views of the seaside hamlets from the water and you’ll beat the summer heat and traffic in peak season (July and August). Lots of boat tours include time for swimming too.  

Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks Group boat Tour

This 2-hour boat tour is the ideal way to see Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks in the warmer months. You’ll get great views of the bay and see two of the bay’s most beautiful sites. Tours depart every two hours and in luxury speed boats.

  • Start/finish point: Kotor Park
  • Duration: 2-hours

Our Lady of the Rocks and Blue Cave Group boat Tour

This 3-hour tour takes you to Our Lady of the Rocks, the Yugoslav submarine caves and for a swim in the Blue Cave. Tours depart every three hours in luxury speed boats.

  • Start/finish point: Kotor park
  • Duration: 3 hours

Private Our Lady of the Rocks and Blue Cave boat Tour

This is a 3-hour private boat tour that takes you to Our Lady of the Rocks, the Yugoslav submarine caves and for a swim in the Blue Cave. Departure times are flexible so you can book a time that suits you.

  • Start/finish point: Kotor park
  • Duration: 3 hours

Boka Bay Day Cruise Group Tour

If you have a whole day, this is a great way to spend a day at sea. This full-day boat tour cruises through the Bay of Kotor, with swimming stops, visits the Blue Cave and there’s more swimming and lunch at a beachside restaurant. On the way back to Kotor you stop at Our Lady of the Rocks for a tour through the church and museum.

  • Start/finish point: Kotor park
  • Duration: 8 hours

The Old Captain's Smile

Private Tours in Kotor MontenegroPerast. Image: Deposit Photos

The perfect private Kotor Bay tour - visit Kotor, Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks by car or speed boat.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 4 ½ hours

Speed Boat Adventure

Private Tours in Kotor MontenegroSpeed Boat Adventure

Spend the perfect day out on this Kotor Bay boat tour that includes Kotor, the Blue Cave, submarine caves and a seaside lunch at a fishing village.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 5 hours

I Want to Stay in Boka Bay Forever

Private Tours in Kotor MontenegroPorto Montenegro, Tivat. Image: Deposit Photos

Take a thrilling Kotor speed boat tour to Kotor Bay's seafaring past and future with visits to Kotor, Perast, Our Lady of the Rocks and Porto Montenegro.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 5 ½ hours

Full-Day Kotor Tours

Full-Day Montenegro Group Tour

This tour covers a lot in one day. On it, you see the Serpentine Road, Njeguši village, Lovćen National Park, Cetinje, Petar Petrović-Njegoš mausoleum, Pavlova Strana lookout, Rijeka Crnojevića and Budva. You see some of Montenegro’s top scenic spots and try some of Montenegro’s traditional cuisine. 

  • Start/finish point: Kotor old town
  • Duration: 12 hours

Full-Day North Montenegro Group Tour

This tour takes you into Montenegro’s ‘black mountains’ to visit some of the country’s most breath taking scenery. The tour stops at Đurđevića Tara Bridge (where you can zip line across the Tara Canyon), the Black Lake in Durmitor National Park, Žabljak and Ostrog Monastery.

  • Start/finish point: Kotor old town
  • Duration: 13 hours

Untouched Montenegro

Perfect private tours in Kotor Montenegro.The Black Lake, Durmitor National Park. Image: Deposit Photos

Explore Montenegro's stunning national parks and cultural gems on this privately guided full-day tour.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 12-13 hours

Historical Zig-Zag Tour

Perfect private tours in Kotor Montenegro.Historical Zig-Zag Tour

The Lovćen tour from Kotor takes you through Montenegro's historical towns to see some of the country's most spectacular scenery.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 8 hours

Adventure and Activity Tours

Full-Day Tara Canyon Rafting Group Tour

The Tara Canyon is the second-deepest canyon in the world (after the Grand Canyon) and the best way to see it is by rafting down it. It’s an untouched wilderness full of lush greenery and trickling waterfalls. Add to that the crystal clear Tara River and you have the ingredients for an unforgettable day!

  • Start/finish point: Kotor old town
  • Duration: 12 hours

Blue Cave Kayak and Snorkel Adventure

On this tour you kayak along Luštica Peninsula’s wild and rugged coast to top attraction, the Blue Cave.  There’s lots of time for snorkelling, swimming and cliff jumping opportunities on the tour, and the water is so clear it’s the perfect place to bring your underwater camera. The tour ends with a relaxing beer and Montenegrin favourite, crepes, at a local campground.

  • Start/finish point: Kotor or Tivat
  • Duration: 5 hours

Epic 25 Turns Bike Descent

The Serpentine Road that leads from Kotor to Lovćen National Park has 25 hairpin turns and the view of Kotor Bay just keeps getting better the further you go up. This tour starts with a drive to the top of the road and then you bike back down into Kotor. You’ll get the best views in Kotor on this tour, guaranteed!

  • Start/finish point: Kotor or Tivat
  • Duration: 3 hours

Cycling and Hiking Through the Bay of Kotor

This tour is ideal if you’re a nature-lover who loves to get off the beaten track. On the tour you cycle the narrow road through the pretty seaside villages and then hike up to an abandoned 14th century village. You’ll get great views of the bay from up here and you can explore the ruins of the settlement. 

  • Start/finish point: Kotor, other locations on request
  • Duration: 4 hours

Kotor Bay Stand Up Paddle Tour

The calm waters of the Bay of Kotor are perfect for stand up paddling, especially if you’ve never tried it before. This tour takes you to explore Tivat Bay on stand up paddle boards and includes lots of swimming. It’s a great option for active families.

  • Start/finish point: Kotor or Tivat
  • Duration: 4 hours

Kotor Bay Stand Up Paddle and Bike Adventure

On this tour you explore the Bay of Kotor coastline between Kotor and Prčanj on stand up paddle boards. Then you return to Kotor by bike, stopping wherever you like along the way.

  • Start/finish point: Kotor
  • Duration: 4 hours

Wine and Gastronomy Tours

The Bay of Kotor has a strong culinary traditions based on wine, olives, seafood, honey, and of course rakija! Lots of tours include a chance to try some local food and drink, but these tours give you the chance to really get to know local cuisine and tradition.

Kotor Winery Tour

Perfect private tours in Kotor Montenegro.Kotor Winery Tour

This Kotor wine tour includes all the ingredients that make up the perfect Montenegro tour: sun, sea, magnificent views, delicious wines and traditional cuisine… živjeli!

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 5 hours

Olives and Donkeys

Private tours in Kotor MontenegroOlives and Donkeys Tour

See the real Montenegro on this private Kotor tour that takes you to a 300 year old olive mill to experience authentic Montenegrin cuisine and lifestyle.

  • Start/finish: Kotor, flexible
  • Duration: 4 ½ hours

More Kotor Tours

This is just a fraction of the tours available in Kotor. For more tours I recommend:

These two sites have a huge range of Kotor tours to choose from. They offer a wide range of tours for everyone, online booking and easy cancellation.

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