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Petrovac Montenegro: 9 Best Things to Do

Petrovac Na Moru is a relaxed, seaside destination on the Budva Riviera that’s ideal for beach getaways. The wide bay and atmospheric promenade make it a favourite with families and people wanting to spend lots of time in the sun, away from busy crowds.

The Budva Riviera coastline is absolutely stunning, and picturesque Petrovac offers a more laid-back atmosphere than Budva but is still vibrant. That's why it's popular with people wanting a beach holiday without the clubs and beach parties.

In this article you'll find the best things to do in Petrovac both in the town and nearby. You'll also find the best places to stay, how to get there, and more.

If you’re after a laid back beach vacation, read on. Petrovac could be just the place for you!

Best Things to Do in Petrovac Montenegro

1. Petrovac Beaches

Petrovac Beach, the town's main beach, is a stunning crescent-shaped bay with reddish gravelly sand, stretching for 800 meters along the coast.

It's backed by a green treelined promenade, offering sunbeds, umbrellas, locker rooms, showers, and toilet facilities. You'll find several bars and restaurants here, but it gets crowded in July and August.

The main beach extends from the quay to 'Ponta Beach Club', known for its small pink pebbles and clear blue waters. Lucice Beach, 250 meters long, is nestled in a picturesque cove, surrounded by pine forests and soft beige pebbles, making it one of Montenegro's most idyllic beaches. Buljarica Beach, next to Petrovac, is a popular escape from summer crowds. For a more secluded experience, Perazica Do offers a wild beach with turquoise waters, ideal for snorkeling, and accessible via a seaside path. There's also a small, beautiful red-pebble cove between Petrovac and Perazica Do, reachable only by boat or kayak from Petrovac marina.

Petrovac BeachPetrovac Beach

Petrovac has two main beaches and two smaller ones, all within walking distance from the center. 

Petrovac Beach, the town's main beach, is a stunning crescent-shaped bay backed by a green treelined promenade.

The beach has reddish gravelly sand, and offers sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, and toilet facilities. You'll find several bars and restaurants here, but it can get crowded in July and August.

A short walk from Petrovac, Lučice Beach, is nestled in a picturesque cove, surrounded by pine forests and soft beige pebbles, making it one of Montenegro's most idyllic beaches.

You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas here for €30 a pair.

Lucice BeachLučice Beach

For a more secluded experience, Perazica Do offers a wild beach with turquoise waters, ideal for snorkeling, and accessible via a seaside path from Petrovac.

There's also a small, beautiful red-pebble cove between Petrovac and Perazica Do, reachable only by boat or kayak from Petrovac marina.

2. Kastel Lastva

Kastel Lastva PetrovacKastel Lastva

Kastel Lastva, a small Venetian fortress in Petrovac, offers you photogenic views of the beach and limestone cliffs.

Located a rocky outcrop next to the marina near Petrovac harbour, you can climb up its steps to see the dramatic scenery and a socialist-realist bas-relief hidden in the foliage.

This 16th-century fortress, also known as Fortress Castello, is perched on top of the north bay.

It's not just a historical site; the fortress now houses a restaurant and a nightclub, where parties are often held. It's a perfect spot for watching the sunset, with breathtaking views of Petrovac, especially at night.

The fortress is open to visitors without any admission fee, allowing you to explore and enjoy the stunning vistas from this ancient, hilltop structure.

View from Kastel Lastva in PetrovacView from Kastel Lastva in Petrovac

3. paragliding

The Budva Riviera is one of Montenegro's top paragliding spots and you can take tandem paragliding flights from Petrovac.

These thrilling flights take off above Buljarica Beach and  give you incredible views over Petrovac, its beaches, and islands.

4. Sveta Nedjelja and Katič Islands

Sveta Nedjelja and Katic Islands PetrovacSveta Nedjelja And Katič Islands

Sveta Nedelja and Katič Islands are the two islands you can see from Petrovac's shore.

Sveta Nedelja is known for its small church, built in the late 20th century after an earthquake in 1979 destroyed the original one.

Many years ago, a fierce storm on the Adriatic Sea wrecked a ship near Petrovac's coast. A few sailors survived and took shelter on a small rocky island nearby. 

To show their thanks for being saved, they built a small church on the island. Since the shipwreck occurred on a Sunday, they named the church Sveta Nedjelja, which means Holy Sunday.

Local belief holds that ringing the church bell brings health and happiness.

You can get to the islands by taking a boat or hiring kayaks in Petrovac. The islands lie around 700m from the shore.

5. Explore Roman Mosaics

In 1902 archaeologists discovered the ruins of a 4th Century building complete with mosaics. The site hasn’t been properly excavated or preserved, but it’s still an interesting place to visit – if you’re happy to go a bit off the beaten track.

Once in Petrovac you need to find a sign for Crkva Sv Tome which is a local church. Follow the signs to the church. Opposite it you’ll see a path through private land to the ruins. The mosaics are in a broken glass shed, but you’ll be able to see them through the windows.

6. Local Festivals

If you visit Petrovac at the end of August, you might get to join in the Night of Petrovac (Petrovačka Noć) celebrations with the locals.

The beachfront promenade fills up with music stages, and stalls offering wine and fish at no cost.

Throughout the year, Petrovac hosts more festivals, like New Year's Eve celebrations and the Squid Festival (Lignjada) in September. During this festival, local fishermen compete to catch the most squid. There's plenty of dancing, singing, and free squid for everyone.

7. Reževići Monastery

Rezevici MonasteryReževići Monastery. Image: Deposit Photos

The Reževići Monastery, just 4 km from Petrovac, is a significant Serbian Orthodox site with a rich history.

It's named after the Reževići clan of the Paštrovići tribe. The exact founding date is unclear, but it's linked to legends from the 1220s.

The monastery has two churches: the 'Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God', believed to be built by King Stefan Nemanjić, the first king of Serbia, and the 'Church of the Archdeacon Stefan', constructed by Emperor Stephen Uroš IV Dušan of Serbia in 1351.

This monastery served as a crucial meeting place for the Paštrovići tribe, where they made important decisions and elected their chieftain.

It faced several hardships, including being plundered and razed by pirates in the mid-15th century and again in 1785 by Mahmud Pasha Bushatli.

Despite these challenges, it houses significant frescoes from the 17th and 18th centuries, believed to be the work of Strahinja of Budimlje and painter Aleksije Lazović.

You can visit Reževići Monastery to view its frescoes, take part in the tradition of lighting candles, enjoy the peaceful ambiance, and buy locally-made olive oil.

8. Lake Skadar national Park

Lake Skadar, the largest lake in Southern Europe, is just a 30-minute drive from Petrovac.

This expansive freshwater lake is famous for its diverse ecosystem and stunning natural scenery. As you explore, you'll discover a wide variety of wildlife, including more than 270 bird species, making it an ideal spot for birdwatching.

The lake is sprinkled with historical monasteries and charming fishing villages, enhancing its appeal. In Lake Skadar National Park, you have plenty of activities to choose from, such as boat tours, kayaking, swimming, biking, and hiking.

Skadar Lake is also known as Montenegro's top wine-producing area. With over 100 wineries, one of the best experiences here is visiting a winery for a wine and food tasting session.

You can also enjoy the local cuisine, particularly the fresh lake fish, at the restaurants along the lake.

9. Sveti Stefan

Sveti StefanSveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is just a 10-minute drive from Petrovac and stands out as one of the most beautiful destinations on the Budva Riviera.

This picturesque spot is known for its pink pebble beach that offers a stunning view of a 15th-century islet.When you visit Sveti Stefan, you can swim at this unique beach.

For a change of scenery, take a walk through Miločer Forest Park to the small hamlet of Pržno.

To cap off your day, enjoy a romantic dinner while watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea.

Best Places To Stay in Petrovac


Hotel AMI Budva Petrovac

RATING: 9.4/10 | LOCATION: Petrovac | BOOK NOW

Hotel AMI Budva Petrovac is a 5-star hotel in the center of Petrovac. Surrounded by olive and pine trees and near beautiful sandy beaches, it offers a perfect setting for relaxation and tranquility. One of the hotel's top attractions is its stunning sea view.

The hotel also has indoor and outdoor swimming pools so you can enjoy a swim any time of year. There is also a wellness center with a steam room, massage room, Finnish sauna, aromatic sauna, salt room, and gym. 

The hotel has a beautiful private beach where you can use the loungers and umbrellas free of charge. There, you'll also find a beach bar where you can get drinks and food.

This is hands-down the best hotel in Petrovac.

For the perfect stay, book an ocean view room with expansive views over Petrovac or the Executive Junior Suite with a whirlpool overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

"We enjoyed everything relating to our stay at the AMI Budva hotel, from the moment we entered reception on arrival until the minute we regrettably had to say goodbye. Thank you to the whole team for making our stay such a memorable one. We will most definitely return." Jill, UK (read more reviews).


Marco Polo Petrovac

RATING: 9.4/10 | LOCATION: Petrovac | BOOK NOW

Marco Polo is a 1-bedroom apartment on the promenade in Petrovac. It's ideally located just steps from the beach and Petrovac's restaurants and attractions.

The self-contained apartment is quite small, but immaculate and has a small kitchenette you can use to make simple meals.

It has a idyllic little balcony overlooking the promenade, which is the perfect location for breakfasts and sundowners.

As a bonus, it's also pet-friendly!

“We absolutely loved our stay, the location was fantastic, the room was lovely and clean, nice balcony, but the best thing about our stay was the wonderful hosts! The most lovely people, so welcoming and helpful, we ended up staying one extra night because we loved it so much!” - Jared, UK (read more reviews)


Vila Vukotic Petrovac

RATING: 9.4/10 | LOCATION: Petrovac | BOOK NOW

Villa Vukotić, set in Petrovac along the stunning Montenegrin coast, is enveloped by a rich array of flora and the exotic aromas of olive, lemon, orange, lilac, and leander. Just 300 meters from the beach, it's a perfect spot for both young people and families with children looking to enjoy their vacation.

The villa offers five luxuriously furnished apartments and six comfortable studio apartments. Each one is air-conditioned and comes with free Wi-Fi, cable TV, a kitchenette equipped with a microwave, electric cooker, fridge, and dining table.

Guests also have access to a spacious terrace with a barbecue and sea views, as well as free parking space, making Villa Vukotić an ideal choice for a relaxing and convenient stay.

“We stayed at Vila Vukotic for 11 days and had the best time. We booked the snall apartment and the view from the balcony did not disappoint!” - Aileen, Germany (read more reviews).

>> Accommodation in Petrovac


Petrovac is a central place to base yourself if you want to do some sightseeing around the rest of Montenegro.

Travel Times To Other Towns:

Budva: 25 mins
Bar: 30 mins
Ulcinj: 1 hr
Tivat/Kotor: 50 mins
Herceg Novi: 1hr 45 mins
Cetinje: 55 mins

From here you can explore all of the Budva Riviera beaches and choose your favourite. You can also visit Skadar Lake, the Bay of Kotor and Cetinje in day trips.

A stay in Petrovac can be combined with a tour of Montenegro that explores both the coast and mountains of Montenegro

It’s also an option for those arriving on the train that runs between Belgrade and Bar. You can find out more about that on my travel to Montenegro page.

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