The Coast of Montenegro: Where Azure Sea Meets Black Mountain

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Petrovac, Budva Riviera

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The coast of Montenegro is one of the hottest and fastest growing holiday destinations in the world! It's consistently been included in the Top 10 places to visit on various lists for the past few years.

Why? It could be...

  • The gorgeous weather and guaranteed summer sunshine.
  • The warm, azure Adriatic Sea.
  • The uncrowded beaches.
  • The friendly locals and safety.
  • The value for money.
  • The central location.
  • The fascinating history and culture.
  • The stunning and dramatic scenery.

In fact... I would say it's all of these! Montenegro has all of these things going for it, and even more.

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The coast of Montenegro is by far the most popular destination for holiday makers visiting the country. It's very easy to get to, being serviced by three international airports, ferries, cruise ships, buses and trains. And if you fly into Tivat airport, you can be on the beach, enjoying your holiday within minutes of touching down. 

The coast is made up of several distinct regions, with the Bay of Kotor and Budva Riviera being the most popular destinations to stay. But wherever you choose to stay, you can access all of the coast and visit the different coastal towns in comfortable day trips.

The Bay of Kotor

Coast of Montenegro

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The Bay of Kotor is at the northern end of the coast of Montenegro, near the border with Croatia.

The bay is a scenically stunning area, where the mountains drop dramatically into the sea. In fact, the scenery of the Bay of Kotor is perhaps one of the most shared pictures of Montenegro.

It's also historically interesting, having been settled by various peoples for many centuries. And this is reflected in the architecture, museums and seafaring history.

The main towns of the Bay of Kotor are:

Herceg Novi

You can find out more about each by following the links above.

The Budva Riviera

Coast of MontenegroSveti Stefan

Image: Deposit photos

Further down the coast you'll come to the vibrant and popular Budva Riviera. If you like a happening resort town, Budva is the place for you. However, you can stay close to, but not right in, the action by choosing one of the little villages along the riviera such as Sveti Stefan or Petrovac.

Lustica Peninsula

Coast of Montenegro LusticaLustica's rugged coast and azure waters

Lustica Peninsula is one of our favourite places on the coast of Montenegro, and is the place to go if you want a true getaway holiday. The peninsula makes up one part of the Bay of Kotor and on its other side is the Adriatic Sea. 

The peninsula is relatively undeveloped and is a bit of a throwback to the traditional lifestyle in Montenegro - you'll be surrounded by olive groves, stone houses, small farms and beautiful scenery. The wild beaches of Lustica are definitely worth visiting.

Lustica Peninsula is rapidly becoming one of the hottest destinations along the coast however, with developments like Lustica Bay planned and underway. So it's worth visiting now, while it's still in its undeveloped state.

Bar and Ulcinj

At the southern end of the coast of Montenegro lie Bar and Ulcinj. These are less frequented by tourists, but no less worth visiting. 

Bar has a fascinating old town a little inland from the sea. The modern town lies right on the sea and is a port town. A lot of people arrive here by ferry from Bari in Italy. 

Ulcinj is famous for its a large, sandy beaches and excellent conditions for kite surfing. It's also an emerging, but still underground, destination for travellers looking for cool, new beach destinations and all night beach parties.

Coast of MontenegroUlcinj's city beach that overlooked by the old town

Image: Deposit photos

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