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Montenegro Travel Guides

There lots of Montenegro travel guides available for your holiday. Well known publishers like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Bradt have all published books about Montenegro. 

If you're anything like me, you like to thoroughly research your holiday destinations before you go.

I always love to have a few must-do things on my list in advance so that we can make the most of our holiday.

You never know what the internet connection's going to be like and I don't want to waste my holiday looking for things to do.

I guess you're the same - that's why you're here!

Plus it just adds to the excitement of exploring somewhere new! 

Here are my favourite Montenegro travel guides:

A point worth keeping in mind is that things tend to change suddenly and often in Montenegro. So restaurants and public transport could be quite different to what's listed in your guide book if it hasn't been updated recently. 

Also, because tourism is highly seasonal here, we have high and low season pricing for many things (prices are higher in July and August). It pays to ask your taxi driver in advance how much the ride is likely to cost  and only use metered taxis. This way you avoid getting to your destination in peak season only to find out the fare is much more than was listed in your guide book.

Ebooks - a Lighter, Faster Way!

Until recently I was an old school, physical book lover. I like having a book in my hands. 

But when I got a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday, I was convinced. Ebooks are amazing!

Since then, I take my Kindle everywhere with me and I think they're amazing for travelling. Instead of lugging travel around guides with you, you have one Kindle that weighs a fraction of one book and can fit as many books as you like in it. If you're doing multiple countries in one tour, you can put a guide book for each country in your Kindle and save yourself kilos of baggage allowance. 

Travelling with an e reader and Kindle travel guides is also better because:

  • Kindle books are cheaper than hard copy books - I often get free or 99c books
  • They're delivered instantly - no waiting for a delivery
  • You can highlight and bookmark pages you want to find later

If you're planning some travelling, or even if you love to read (like I do!), I'd definitely recommend giving a Kindle a go. 

Montenegro Travel Guides in Montenegro

You can't find these travel guides when you're actually in Montenegro, so if you want to get one, grab it in advance.

You can find some guide books here in Montenegro. I've bought a few of these but found that the English translations are very hard to read. If you buy one of these I'd recommend getting one with lots of nice pictures and keeping it as a souvenir!

English Books and Magazines

You'll see kiosks dotted all over the place selling newspapers and magazines. During summer a lot of them have a selection of magazines and newspapers in English. Beware however that these usually cost in the region of €10 per magazine.

You also won't find many books in English. So you're best to bring your own books if you plan to read while on holiday.

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